Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Concern Over ‘Money Making’ Churches In Saint Lucia

The Superintendent Minister of the Methodist Church in Saint Lucia, Seth Ampadu, has expressed concern about ‘money making’ churches that have appeared here overnight.

“I am very concerned,” Ampadu told St Lucia Times.

Seth Ampadu

“Nowadays we are making the church into a business entity,” the Superintendent Minister of the Methodist church observed.

He lamented that a lot of people are playing on the vulnerability of others by appointing themselves Apostles, Doctors and Prophets.

“These people are scamming them, taking money from them,” Ampadu asserted.

“There are so many churches springing up, all because they see the church as a place where they can make money. They are using the church as a money making machine to make themselves rich,” the clergyman said, without going into details.

Ampadu declared it was time that the authorities regulate them, otherwise the ‘so called pastors’ will use the people and take their money without paying taxes to the government.

“This is very serious,” he stated.

“You ask yourself ‘How much do they pay to the government? Do they have schools? Do they have hospitals and other things? Where do they keep their money? What do they use their money for?’ These are some of the things I feel the government should investigate,” Ampadu explained.

“I think the church is there to meet the social and spiritual needs of the people. The church has to give, not take. But it seems today that they are doing the opposite – exploiting the people and it is very bad.”




  1. No different from any of the other established churches. Their daily bread is being threatened so they’re talking now.

    • asd, for you to make such a simplistic comment on a serious issue suggest that you mistyped the last letter in you name. Please make the correction. Now to the real issue: the government has a responsibility to protect citizens from being exploited and abused even by themselves. It must be of concern that persons are coming from anywhere and establishing churches without any background checks. Some of these persons may be guilty of all sorts of crime in their country of origin.This means that our vulnerable citizens are open to exploitation. Have we forgotten or do not know of the Jones Town massacre in Guyana? Are we going to wait for the St.Lucia Version? Are we certain that these new set ups are not being used for drugs and money laundering? No one is asking to stop new churches but the proper checks must be in place.

      • The Government cannot legislate stupid. Churches have exploited people for a very long time. All part of the system of control. Any wonder why churches pay no taxes like any other Government institution?

      • asd you really missing the point. Very poor comprehension skills I guess and you have the nerve to call somebody stupid. The point is not about government regulating churches. NO ONE CALLED FOR THAT. Its about putting measures in place to ensure that the vulnerable are not exploited by this so called churches. Imagine you admitting that churches have exploited people?

    • Well said very asd. Thats exactly the point. They r simply cutting into “his church’s profits…. so he “speaking out”.

  2. 01/01/2019

    Do not let doubt creep into your mind, I have you covered and you will see in time what has happened in the darkness. I will do amazing things in your life. I am taking you on a path more than you have seen in the past. I am pushing you through many doors at this time. You were made for more, so get ready. Forsake the lies, be part of my plan at this hour for I will use you mightily. The days are filled with options and choices, decide to walk in the light, take up you Royal destiny. I will tune your ears and sharpen you eyes to see, you have set everything aside for me. In your fear you thought there was fear in the deep but those who trust in me are made strong and wise. I am a God of justice and mercy, do what is right.
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    In what is coming, many who think they are mine will make many concession, but will not receive anything because their hearts are not mine. Some of them want my protection and provision and call themselves mine but their hearts are far from me. In times coming, when your souls are bound with pain and grief, I will comfort you and show you mercy when no mercy shall abound. If you walk in only me, no plague shall come to you.
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    My children, do not loose your faith in me, many souls hang in the balance at this hour. Once the books are closed they cannot enter in. I will now take the unkindness of others towards you, and you will thank me when you pray.

    * Repent; be baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, those of you who have not done so.

  3. It is high time that the Methodist minister focuses on building the membership of his church and contributing to eliminating poverty in St Lucia instead of being a PRO for the media.
    The minister seems to be focus everywhere else than his church.

  4. If the established Churches would teach the tithe properly, their flock would not be attracted to these new outfits. These new outfits teach prosperity, so they will always attract the needy. He should do what is required to keep his flock, not complain about others.

  5. Well said very well said asd. Thats exactly the point. They r simply cutting into “his church’s profits…. so he “speaking out”.

  6. religion has lost its once dominant place in society.
    The idea of the church’s authority implies the abdication of human reason and justice; it is the most decisive negation of human liberty, and necessarily ends in the enslavement of mankind, both in theory and in practice.
    As well as the theoretical degrading of humanity and its liberty, religion has other, more practical, problems with it. Firstly, religions have been a source of inequality and oppression. Christianity, for example, has always been a force for repression whenever it holds any political or social sway (believing you have a direct line to god is a sure way of creating an authoritarian society). The Church has been a force of social repression, genocide, and the justification for every tyrant for nearly two millennia. When given the chance it has ruled as cruelly as any monarch or dictator.
    Christianity has only turned tolerant and peace-loving when it is powerless and even then it has continued its role as apologist for the powerful. when not being the source of oppression, the church has justified it and ensured its continuation. It has kept the working class in bondage for generations by sanctioning the rule of earthly authorities and teaching working people that it is wrong to fight against those same authorities. Earthly rulers received their legitimisation from the heavenly lord, whether political (claiming that rulers are in power due to god’s will) or economic (the rich having been rewarded by god). The bible praises obedience, raising it to a great virtue. More recent innovations like the Protestant work ethic also contribute to the subjugation of working people.
    That religion is used to further the interests of the powerful can quickly be seen from most of history. It conditions the oppressed to humbly accept their place in life by urging the oppressed to be meek and await their reward in heaven. As Emma Goldman argued, Christianity (like religion in general) “contains nothing dangerous to the regime of authority and wealth; it stands for self-denial and self-abnegation, for penance and regret, and is absolutely inert in the face of every [in]dignity, every outrage imposed upon mankind.” [Red Emma Speaks, p. 234]
    Thirdly, religion has always been a conservative force in society. This is unsurprising, as it bases itself not on investigation and analysis of the real world but rather in repeating the truths handed down from above and contained in a few holy books. Theism is then “the theory of speculation” while atheism is “the science of demonstration.” The “one hangs in the metaphysical clouds of the Beyond, while the other has its roots firmly in the soil. It is the earth, not heaven, which man must rescue if he is truly to be saved.” Atheism, then, “expresses the expansion and growth of the human mind” while theism “is static and fixed.” It is “the absolutism of theism, its pernicious influence upon humanity, its paralysing effect upon thought and action, which Atheism is fighting with all its power.” [Emma Goldman, Op. Cit., p. 243, p. 245 and pp. 246–7]

    As the Bible says, “By their fruits shall ye know them.” I agree but unlike the church I apply this truth to religion as well. I recognise the destructive role played by the Church, and the harmful effects of organised monotheism, particularly Christianity, on people. religion “is the conspiracy of ignorance against reason, of darkness against light, of submission and slavery against independence and freedom; of the denial of strength and beauty, against the affirmation of the joy and glory of life.”

    So, given the fruits of the Church, it is time to uproot it and plant new trees, the trees of reason and liberty.

    • You are someone who writes and thinks logically. I so wish the multitude could see the veil religion has cast over the eyes of the many. I live in hope that gradually many will come to the truth about the deceptiveness of religion. I find in you and your writing a kindred spirit – if you would allow me to be ironic and use this religious phrase. Due to religion, many have lost the power to reason and by extension have lost their liberty. You have put it beautifully in your comment.

  7. Politics and religion are twin brothers. They use flattery, demagoguery and false hope to exploit the vulnerabilities of the indigent, the simpleton, the gullible and the ignorant. Most of the church leaders see the church as an easy avenue to opulence. Government should protect the people from these economic predators. I’m happy that my religion is kindness and an abundance of love in my heart.
    Why some in this forum have chosen to excoriate the Methodist Minister for speaking the unvarnished truth? Can you honestly attack or deny his assertions? Deal with the issue and stop getting personal. The man is right. Stop attaching ulterior motives to the truth.

  8. The Lord God has one true church and it is not that of a building or religion. It is of those who obey his commandments and have the testimony of Jesus Christ and the testimony of Jesus Christ is Spirit of prophesy. Please brothers and sisters asked the Lord for his spirit of truth that you may know his truth because his word is truth. Only his truth will save you and not tradition of men.

  9. I don’t believe in Churches or religion. Now i am concern about these 2 so called ministers of the Methodist churches; tell me: where are you from? What is your mission? ARE YOU SHEPARDS OR dividers?
    These churches you are talking about, were built by Christens, and they are practising just what the Bible teaches, by giving part of their gain, so what is wrong with someone that is member of a particular church, and is giving offerings. IS it not written in the holly book? I am not giving because i am not part of any Church, except that of Jesus Christ, and I praise Got that i am not part of your church, because you are leading people nowhere, but to back slide. You are not a true Sheppard. You 2 only keep on writing nonsense, nothing to do with Christianity. You better go back to hell where you belong! I believe you 2 will do a better job there!
    From zabo the no nonsense one!

    • Zabo, stop spewing nonsense. If you do not understand the text please ask someone to explain it to you. Illiteracy is wide spread. Get help. Seems that the text is too far fetched for you.

    • Zabo, who the hell are you to tell the man where to go back to. You need to keep your rubbish in your head that represents hell.

    • To accuse the man of trying to divide or to make people backslide is utter rubbish. First of all their own Bible quotes the Christ as saying that he came not to put peace but a sword. Now if bringing a sword means to rid the church of the scam artists who pose under the guise of preachers and godly men, so be it. The man is correct.The churches are bent on money making…they have no regard for the saving of souls anymore.

  10. These churches have become a bussines,and we all know the saying …you want to be rich? become a preacher.This is older than the hills,even my grandmother said this.Goverment has the right to intervene in all these enterprises,after all they have to register,and goverment has all ready rejected many.Then they have to prove the legitimacy of their bussines,all the bla,bla,of the forms,financial capabilities,methods of obtaining money,motive and goals of the enterprise.Sorry….we talking about religion? that is the least,of the ideas at this time.We all get very emotional,talking about this,we loose the cool,sit back relax and analize,the old dirty witchman that lived in a cave not far from my fathers tent,and scared all the tribe to death with threats and fantastic premonitions,is long time dead now.These are the days,in wich we develop our inteligence in total freedom,and hold back all contamination or indoctrination,of malicious spirits When in the mountain,and you dont know the trail,you put the donkey in front and just follow him.The donkey dosent know the trail because he is intelligent,he just knows were to step and not to fall Meditate and open your mind,think as a racional loving human being.

    • Even if they are registered,churches do not pay taxes. The monies they collect is supposed to go towards helping the unfortunate their midst, but instead the preachers are bilking their congregations out of thousands of dollars just to enrich themselves. It’s a game that is being played all over the world. I think the solution to that is to pass legislation that prohibits the collection of money from people and if any monies are collected then it has to be taxed like any other business. We all know by now that churches are no longer in the business of saving souls but are in it for the money first and foremost and who benefits…the preachers and their families.

  11. Godbless you amd you are a true man of god alot of them are mind over matters and using the most high god yahweh as they bank account

  12. The minister speaks the truth. However, the only way to have a relationship with the Lord is to confess and acknowledge him as the personal savior of your life.

    1. Also you need to do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.

    2. Do not allow yourself to be deceived by wolves is sheep’s clothing masquerading as “Men of God”

    3. Some of these churches and so called men who lead them are involved in witchcraft and some of their followers are running into the very snare of satan.

    4. People use divine wisdom and do not allow yourself to be deceived. If you are a true child of God he will speak to your spirit directly if you will pay attention.

    5. No prophet engaged in witchcraft is representing the Lord. The Lord is not the author of confusion, obeah, witchcraft, etc. In addition, those individuals who are deceiving the vulnerable will be dealt with severely by the hand of God. They may think they are getting over but they will be dealt with severely by God.
    Do not be deceived God is not mocked …everyone will reap as they have sowned.

    6. We need to study the Bible for ourselves if we do not want to be ashamed and deceived.


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