Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Concern Over New COVID-19 Spike In Martinique

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Martinique health officials are concerned about a new COVID-19 spike on the Island after nine consecutive weeks of a decline in cases of the potentially deadly virus.

Local news reports  quote the Deputy Director General of the Regional Health Agency, Olivier Coudin, as saying that from 110 COVID-19 cases last week, the numbers as of Tuesday had shot up to 410.

Martinique 1 Ere reported that the 410 cases were  diagnosed between June 28 and July 4, 2021, out of 6,028 tests.

As a result of the spike, the Deputy Director General of the Regional Health Agency has reiterated  the importance of vaccination, respect for social distancing and the need for testing and isolation once individuals are diagnosed with COVID-19.
In response to the latest surge in cases of the virus, Martinique authorities have announced that several measures will be introduced from Thursday to control the spread of COVID-19.
They include compulsory wearing of masks in public  and encouraging people to work from home.
Stanislas Cazelles, the Prefect of Martinique, has described the rise in COVID-19 cases as a ‘worrying rebound’ that particularly affects young people.
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