Concern Over The Possible Reemergence Of Diseases Eliminated In Saint Lucia

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Citing the need to protect the population from a potential outbreak of vaccine-preventable diseases, Saint Lucia’s National Immunisation Manager Tecla Jn Baptiste has warned that there is an increased risk that eliminated diseases could reemerge.

On Thursday, Jn Baptiste issued the warning to mark ‘Vaccination Week of the Americas.’

“We must continue to engage and remain committed to maintaining high vaccination rates to protect our population by not only achieving, but also maintaining the recommended 95% national vaccination coverage in children five years and under,” the senior health official explained.

According to Jn Baptiste, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a heavy toll on health care systems, especially the primary healthcare services, as Saint Lucia focused on responding to the public health emergency.

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However,  she said it is essential to continue advocating and focusing on the routine immunisation programme.

Jn Baptiste disclosed that the Americas noted decreases in the vaccine coverages of polio, measles and rubella, Diptheria, and other childhood diseases before COVID-19 struck.

“The pandemic has further exacerbated these trends, making this a public health concern,” she explained.

In the case of Saint Lucia, Jn Baptiste noted a decline in the routine vaccination coverage in the primary series from 92% in 2019 to 80% in 2021.

The same is evident for the booster doses administered to children over 1-year-old.

Jn Baptiste expressed that a major factor in this decline is untimely or late vaccination due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

She revealed that for COVID-19, the vaccination coverage is 29.4% – still short of achieving the first recommended target of 40%.

Jn Baptiste observed that a low vaccine coverage rate does not afford protection against severe disease, hospitalisations, and death.

In addition, she pointed out that it increases the country’s risk for the likely emergence and circulation of newer variants.

Her complete address appears below:

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  1. Move deh.
    Before y’all planned to vaccinate the whole dam world against a virus that was never deh, y’all should have thought about maintaining the children vaccines that damages their mental health. Dat polio vaccine is lethal.
    Next time plan to kill everyone together. Don’t forget some.
    Dey bun sot.

  2. There is need to place emphasis on chronic non communicable diseases like cancer, renal failure and alcoholism(lifestyle). Such is certainly adversely affecting us more as a country.

  3. What about WASCO? I think every resort, hotel, inn ect should be responsible for a huge part of Wasco s 8 year desitling plan smph, what if we the people on this island don’t have clean water to drink?

  4. Boring!! Not child car seat laws y’all will enforce its non existent diseases y’all want people to care about. Choops tan

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