Concern Over Treatment Of Taxi Drivers In Saint Lucia’s North

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Dear St Lucia Times,

As an employed  worker  in the hospitality industry, my concern is the taxi drivers in the North of the island.

It is so unfair how they have been treated. I might understand when the Minister of Tourism allowed only Southern Taxi to pick passengers.

They are already in phase 4_5  and they still haven’t granted access at the international airport.

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They have invested their savings in the Taxi Company.Many of them have their loans ,bills and food to put on their table. Mostly of all of them are not getting any assistance form government.

What have they done to be in this position? Not a crime or stealing. This is frustrating on their part. Have they been kicked out of the airport I must ask.

To make matters worse e some of the members of the southern taxi still hike at the hotels in the north for jobs.I call it GREEED TORTURED   WICKNESS!!!!!.I believe southern taxi , president ,vice president ,secretary minster have family of their own.Just given my opinion they all are human beings.I spoke to a friend he indicated he don’t see why they can’t work at the international airport  we always have a shortage of vehicles having clients stranded at the airport for over an hour.He also said due to shortage dispatcher had to work a car trip cause the shortage becoming a issue he quote.He believed his worker has to take their work more seriously.Some of the them have their own private jobs.There’s a day 15 members had their own job to do.I believed he said if we all work together like it use to be it would make a difference in their lives and we all can benefit from it.Need this to be published.thanks

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