Concerned Citizen ‘Astounded’ By Philip J. Pierre’s Allegations

I am astounded by allegations made by Leader of the Opposition Philip J. Pierre at a Town Hall Meeting in Dennery last night, Tuesday March 3, 2020.

At that meeting Philip J. Pierre’s statement that Saint Lucia is the worst prepared for the coronavirus in this region is ill-informed, without merit, and utterly unfounded.

He went on further to accuse Prime Minister Allen Chastanet of refusing to attend a meeting of heads of government in Barbados to discuss and strategize on dealing with the coronavirus.

This is the farthest thing from the truth as Prime Minister Allen Chastanet attended that meeting accompanied by the Chief Medical Officer of Saint Lucia Dr. Cathy Belmar-George and Chief Environmental Health Officer of Saint Lucia, Mr. Parker Ragnanan.

This information is readily available from information available online and on social media

It is evident these calculated statements by Philip J. Pierre are solely designed to tarnish the reputation of Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, and ultimately sabotage the image of Saint Lucia around the world.

What is even more bewildering is Philip J. Pierre’s further statement that he can prove his allegations with a recording of Prime Minister Allen Chastanet asking for a “ti ponche” drink.

This is ludicrous and absurd since the facts already prove Allen Chastanet was in Barbados. Any such recording would therefore undoubtedly be from another time and place unrelated to the heads of government meeting in Barbados.

These allegations and accusations are calculated and reckless, and will only damage Saint Lucia’s reputation globally.

I therefore call on Philip J. Pierre to immediately withdraw these unfounded accusations in order to minimize the damage he has already caused to Saint Lucia’s image and reputation.



  1. My dear people this the time for us to get together to fight this pandemic, and we are here showing colours. I agree PIP was very irresponsible with his attempt to cause panic in the face of this destructive COV 19.PIP and by extension his supporters must realise that the world is in the grip of biological destruction, and only a coming together for education on how to combat it can save us.
    This thing has no eyesight ,so colour does not mean a thing. When it hits us .it will not be searching out flambeau or etoile , it just hitting, once you in the way, you getting it. If it is perceived that PIP is wrong, then he must be told so in no uncertain terms. The time has come for would be leaders to show true leadership qualities (do not hop on epidemics to score cheap political points) we do not need a panic situation here at this critical juncture

  2. “damage St Lucia’s Reputation globally ” These buffoons Really ?? With all the shhhh that’s about to come down the pipe line in the coming weeks IF NOT DAYS all they are worrying about is our “reputation globally”. DO WE HAVE TESTING ?? NO ! DOES DOMINICA HAS TESTING YES so their point is ????? For all we know and may God forbid some here might well have it.

  3. I agree with most of the points raised in the article but it is pointless asking Mr Pierre to withdraw his accusations when it is already out there. Mr Pierre needs to think before he speaks a bit more often because once the information is put out you cannot withdraw it. Honestly, in the bigger scheme of things, this is so petty. St Lucia has much bigger fish to fry than to concentrate and divert energy to things of such little importance. We are faced with much bigger problems than this. Time to move on.

  4. So it is ok for SLP to attack not the Leeader of the UWP,, but the Office of the Prime Minister of St Lucia.. but a citizen should not respond in kind?

    Phillip J Pierre acted irresponsibly and in so doing created a false idea of our prepareness as a nation for this pandemic. Think of all the sectors this man, who wants to represent us, has touched negativvely with his accusations. False accusations!

    He shouuld be held accountable! He should not only retract the statement, he should be charged with treason!

    Politics is ouur ugly reality, deal with it! If you live in a glass house, don’t throw stones! Pierre should have fact checked himself!

    • I totally agree. He made the statement without any facts to back it up and so doing I’m pretty sure tarnished an entire nation and there are people backing up this man.

  5. If that is the way we going to be in St Lucia about politics god help us.politics.politics everyday is a noise.So sad god put hands.

  6. These comments are not from concerned citizens but from the Niggers who are slaves to the white man. I am so astonished to see how niggers are bringing down niggers like themselves just to protect an indian and a white man. Shame

    • Oye you too Racist. Try and encourage St. Lucia to move on. Not drag us back to the stupid past. Who is really white or black in St. Lucia? Most of us are black fore mothers with white fore forefathers what does that make us? Not white or black but Caribbean. Makes us a Barak Obama if you ask me. So stop with this racist nonsense and educate yourself, GET OUT OF THE MUD.

  7. This idiot Pierre, is the black man’s version of “Donald Trump”. Stupid as “all get-out”. but still holds public office.

  8. Is St Lucia rattled sufficiently by the opposition’s comments to demand appropriate instructions and guidance from the government? Nope, they are lining up alone colour lines. If St Lucia cannot recommend their health service to fellow Lucians it speaks volume as to its suitability to deal with this disease that require much technology to diagnose the disease, quarantine regimes and the use of intensive life support systems. Although coronavirus can be mild and moderate for some people it is fatal to the vulnerable.

    Coronavirus will show preparedness, how prudent, resourceful, intelligent, cooperative the country is and how robust its economy will be after Coronavirus has passed. The further individuals travel from their home base the greater the insecurity for their survival because they are forced to rely on the host country’s resources and expertise.

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