Sunday, September 25, 2022

Concerned Group Wants Answers From Customs Comptroller Over ‘Rovergate’

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Press Release:–  The recently formed pressure group, Citizens for Accountability and Transparency (CAT) is renewing calls for Acting Comptroller of Customs, Mr. Sherman
Emmanuel to account to St Lucian Tax Payers on the rationale behind his unprecedented actions to drop all charges against Government Minister, Hon. Earnest Hilaire in the widely publicized Rovergate scandal.

The group launched a letter writing campaign in December last year in which St. Lucians were encouraged to submit letters to the Acting Comptroller expressing their concerns.

Citizens for Accountability and Transparency is aware that an undetermined number of St. Lucian nationals have responded to that call.

We note the comprehensive Press Release from the former Comptroller of Customs and the very pointed and damning questions posed to the Ag. Comptroller Mr. Sherman Emmanuel as well as Attorney General Leslie Mondesir and Director of Public Prosecutions.

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The extensive ten page Press Release provides further evidence why the Rovergate saga must be kept alive and brought to full justice.

The group is now moving to redouble it’s efforts in registering the concerns of Tax
Payers and demanding accountability from Ag. Comptroller of Customs Sherman Emmanuel regarding his decision to withdraw all charges in the ongoing Rovergate saga.

As part of the intensification of it’s efforts CAT has produced a short video which seeks to capture the concerns of many St Lucians. This video will be used as part
of our ongoing mobilisation campaign.

We are confident that St. Lucians home and abroad will flood the office of the Comptroller of Customs with a deluge of letters that will register forcefully the concerns of Tax Payers over the Rovergate scandal.

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  1. CAT and TAG same difference, it just CAT without the G means Total Abuse of General public .This is an article of no substance. This is an empty person trying to empty out their empty self.

    Don’t St .Lucia Times vet these Garbage before they release it .this is an article with a middle but no beginning and no end

  2. Both parties operate on corruption but the SLP is now over the top in it. Hilaire must of offered Emmanuel something nice to let him go cause he is the minister now. CAT must first get there facts on both parties together first before tackling the Range Rover case. However like @Monk said customs and police could raid them and accuse them of “tax fraud” and end their investigation all together

  3. @snow folic …. They all know the truth, but you know what… it makes them feel better. So pls allow them to grant themselves a favor, lies make them feel good!!!

  4. Ras Biko,
    Get to know the truth. Chastanet didnt dole out money to anyone, The truth is available to anyone who wants it. Go get it and stop spewing garbage. Too many of you people dabble in lies and misinformation.

  5. A Chief or a Robber ?
    Present your case !
    Let God be true, that there is nothing concealed that will be not disclosed or hidden that will known to light.

  6. CAT I support this 100% but take it further. Speak to those who worked closely with him in London too. I’m sure you’ll find they didn’t support this and many other of his actions. The corruption started when he was allowed to make decisions without the knowledge of his boss starting with the appointment of Juffali and the ensuing scandal and a whole lot more. Expose it all.

  7. CAT, don’t let the SLP nincompoop deter from your positive activism. Their efforts are going to be geared towards defining your organization as having ties with the UWP. Don’t let that deter you.

    Corruption must be exposed anytime it raises its ugly head. Every honest, right-thinking St. Lucian supports your initiative. Turn up the heat.

  8. CAT don’t just stop there oh……… There is a lot more to be exposed. My sister how you get papers to go down to St Lucia and come back up London after you was illegal in London for 10 years oh………
    Also who was agent to a sports personality? Mwe mem oh……

  9. We have come to a point where we in the caribbean understand that all islands here have the highest debt to GDP ratios in the world. Now this will not make sense to most of you reading this. but let me make it simple; the leaders borrow endless millions from overseas banks on St lucia name and find ways to pocket the money they borrow. so when you hear guy joseph offering millions to people who dont need a dime anyways, that type of money came from loans that his government borrow. when you hear the ministers tiffing money. thats all part of the millions they borrow. and none of those loans go into helping the country. they find ways to pocket it all. this is the raquet in government through-out the caribbean that must be brought to light. get a petition going on this rover saga. because i will sign. these types of things must stop in government. its you and your children taxes and high food bills that must pay for all those millions dem fellas stealing and not doing a thing to benefit the country.

  10. Like many other folks have said. I truly hope these groups hold every party accountable. Good motive though. A country cannot move forward when corruption is rife.

  11. CAT should act as an ethics committee and should also go after Chastanet for the $7.3 millions that was doled out to Rebel Investment. The USD $12 million given to Lockabie for the supposed consultation fees for sporting facilities. The waive of $24 million from Sandels. It is disingenuous to call CAT a pressure group rather it is a partisan group engaging in political tribalism. Who are they pressuring? Chastanet’s actions are equvalent to high crime and malfeasance and should be charged for such including skulduggery. CAT similarly is nothing more than the mouthpiece of the incompetent Chastanet, lord of the lies.

  12. I will support this Advocacy or Accountability group when it demands accountabilty from the members of all parties which form the Goverment of Saint Lucia. Until then, this is simply a partisan group like all the others before it. This is not solving the problem.

  13. The crow and Hg stop defending corruption this rover matter should play out in court if Helire is innocent then there is nothing to fear and if guilty that will deter others.
    Also if there is evidence of wrong against Chastanet and Guy don’t let it die out, there must be accountability at level irrespective of the party. Stop being colour blind St Lucia is bigger than any party.

  14. @Verna Mae you’re so right. The least of the apostles who want to play God. The man has a complex where he uses people to get what he wants. He walks over every and any one … he is only concerned with advancing himself, his friends and their children. No one else matters, not even his minster colleagues…he will take down the whole government to get what he wants. It’s a shame they can’t see that!

  15. That’s another UWP group trying to become relevant. Go ask Chastenet where is the Soufriere Development Foundation money he used to try to buy the people of Soufriere. The case was in court until Chastenet and his cabal got in power and then “poof”. The case disappeared! We the people have not forgotten.

  16. a pressure group that was formed immediately after the UWP lost the election in July 2021…hmm not suspicious at all

  17. A Folk of Yellow Johncrows funded by Chastanet and his yellow cronies bout they forming “Concern Citzen Group “. Typical of them when things don’t go their way overnight they develop a moral backbone. They did the same thing when Kartel had a show to do in St Lucia the same Clowns acted like they were been guided by a moral compass, they treaten to write letters, pressure radio station all kind of crap, I use to call them the The Three Stooges.(they know themselves)

  18. A Flock of UWPeees Yellow Johncrows funded and back by their White Wothless God Allen Chastanet . They still worried about The Range…I tell the Doc let me drive certain Yellow Bawy could not walk dow the street let me see them if I would mash gas , ask again. Where were they when the Cooli was branded by The US State Department to this day as Corrupt, disingenuous and fraudster in a nut shell A TEEEEF and is not worthy of holding a visa to their country. You all never hav the balls to form yu’ll group over Pojah Letter DHS and CABOT and the USD$ 7.3 Million your White God Teeef and can’t refund the State all now. Hold yu’ll ass eh bout yu’ll forming “concerned Group”…..what yu’ll need to be concerned over yu’ll silence is very deafening bunch of Clowns.

  19. This man has so many skeletons in his closet and he knows there are people out there who know exactly what transpired. Yet his ungrateful, selfish, wicked, self-centered and arrogant self still believes he can sideline and discard people or step on their toes. Tanto tanto someone, somewhere will speak out!

  20. No concern groups for the poor and neglected youth but a vehicle that the state maybe paid more money over . No concern group for dialysis machines or ventilators . No concern group over the growing inflation rates and not a dime in salary raises after salaries are already small and most people are underpaid. Especially the ones who do all the hard work for their bosses. Chupse eh this country will never go anywhere if that what concerns some of us the most is related to a ride .

  21. There is more that needs investigating trust me. T Williams debatchè cotay high commission ih èshway. But sadly after all he did he didn’t get the position. He lies fooled you…… you better suck on a taffy, tafa. A scoundrel in suit and tie who now turns his nose up at decent citizens denying them rightfully deserved positions because he needs to put his friends in. Where can I sign in support of CAT.

  22. MOnk you right. But it has to stop at some point. Corruption is rife in this place. No one is authority is accountable. Criminality reigns. No country can thrive under these conditions.

  23. Way to go CAT. Corruption MUST cease to exist in public office. Don’t relent nor surrender until this matter goes before a court of law. Imagine, one of the first action of the newly installed government is to embroil itself in controversy and possibly corruption.

    Every tax dollar must be accounted for. No more hanky lanky business in government. Keep this issue on the front burner. If they are allowed to get away with this unscathed, what’s next?

    CORRUPTION stifles development, deprives public servants from earning a livable wage, prevents the rehabilitation of roads and public buildinds, causes widespread poverty. Every God-fearing, honest, morally sound, right thinking citizen should strongly support the efforts of CAT. Don’t allow this most important issue to be swept under the carpet.

  24. There are so many more questions that need to be answered from he lies stint in London as high commissioner. From the appointment of Juffali, to the promise of the HC post to the guy who tired to buy the rover in his name, Will I ams, to the gaslighting of some staff. The innocent were also subjected to victimization because of he lies controversy and were harassed by Chas and the police, when they knew nothing about his underhandedness. Not even his boss in the Ministry knew about juffali so the question is who knew and who facilitated that appointment. Why was Juffali paying the salary of will I ams? Over to you CAT.

  25. To things that get high places in society in st Lucia , a thief and a dope dealer and they are highly protect ed too they seem to have the majority in their pockets

  26. Bravo that’s how we do it.we the citizens want answere .
    Whe have to let these elected officials know that we employ them so they have to answer to us.we the people.
    No matter which side you are on we have had enough of the disrespect.


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