Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Confrontation Believed To Have Preceded Murder Of Businessman

Saint Lucia police say it is believed that a confrontation occurred between masked individuals and the proprietor of a business establishment at Fond St Jacques, Soufriere on Saturday, resulting in the death of Ison St John.

St John and his girlfriend operated B’s Bar.

According to a police release, a gunshot was fired in the direction of St. John, 37,causing injury to his chest.

He was pronounced dead by a medical practitioner at the scene, the release said.

St. John was a resident of Fond St. Jacques, Soufriere, but originally of Canaries, it was reported.

The police confirmed that one individual was in their custody in relation to the killing. 

Well informed sources told St Lucia Times that the detainee is a male teenager who was expected to be released based on available evidence in the case.

Police have appealed to anyone with information about the shooting death of Ison St John to contact the nearest Police Station or the Crime Hotline at 45-CRIME (4527463).


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    July 01
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    • KJV Colossians 4;5 says walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time.

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  2. Oxymoron report.!!
    Business man can not confront Mask Men..
    They came to Rob and kill, and so they did..
    Just the fact..

  3. During the last election campaign Chastanet said he would have made St Lucians safe. Where is the safety? I expect a Hack to defend, oh one of the 43% of idiots Chastanet referred to.

    • Wow bro, you’re massively ignorant. It’s like people believe that there can seriously be an end to crime. There is no way Chastnet nor any other PM or individual for that matter could put a stop to crime so don’t be ridiculous. It is sad that this happened and it’s also sad that he promised something which cannot be done unless there is a police state and we wouldn’t want that now would we.? So stop with the inclusion of politics in every aspect of life man, that’s why we are the way we are in the first place; being loyal to politics. That leads nowhere.

    • now you talking more s*** than chasnet did you chas son got kill did Kenny daughter got rape .wake open yr eyes jackaasssss

  4. Why do we inject politics in matters such as this. It seems to me that some people
    eat, drink, breath politics, I hope they dream too, of the day that none of this has anything
    to do with politics – It is the times that we live in – it is every where; it’s just pure criminality.
    Easy and quick money, even it means taking a life for it. I believe that this can only stop when
    they bring back hanging. Somebody up there have to know something. Time to round up all the
    usual suspects, make them talk, even it means squeezing their balls, starting gently to let them
    know that it can get worse. Offer $1000.00 for direct information, only pay it if it’s true; but most
    of all, the good folks of Fond St.Jacques should get down on their knees, and start calling on the Lord
    the times we live in calls for a strong stand against the evil one roaming about to see who he can devour.

  5. Politiciens know your weak points, so they will tell you what you want to hear; those of you who believe in promisses, will always speak politics; i will not blame you!

    • So we should not held politicians accountable to their election promises? So politicians now have a green light to make any lie to get into power

  6. Now Lucian’s so political that they politicize everything. Martin Simpson do you have half a brain of memory to remember when Kenny said he’ll inject US one hundred million dollars into the economy within the first 90 days of winning? Did it happen. Did you say anything then? So why now are you running your seemingly empty of good content mouth? Say something constructive.
    Also you said you expect a party hack to respond and whatever about idiots, well weather or not I’m both I cannot sit and hear jackasses bray and not speak.

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