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Construction Of New Hewanorra International Airport Takes Off

Press Release:–  Construction is underway for the new Hewanorra International Airport in Vieux Fort.

The US $175 million project encompasses upgrades to the airfield with an expanded parking apron, brand new air traffic control tower, a two-storey terminal building measuring more than 337,000 sq. ft. and an extensive carpark and road network system.

Saint Lucia Air and Sea Port Authority acting General Manager, Daren Cenac expressed his
elation with the commencement of this project.

“This potentially is a once in a generation project and today marks the start to an exciting new journey for SLASPA and Saint Lucia. It’s been spoken about for nearly one decade, and now it’s finally happening – HIA is Ready for Take Off.”

Last month, the Development Control Authority (DCA) gave the approval for earthmovers to roll into position and begin the important task of preparing the site.

These initial earthworks to be completed within 3 months, will prepare the area for construction.

Cenac continued: “the Hewanorra International Airport Redevelopment Project is one of the
largest infrastructural projects undertaken by SLASPA and the Government of Saint Lucia. With 36 years of competently managing our ports, we have the nation’s business in order and will deliver a facility that is simply world class and efficient to give Saint Lucians another reason to be proud of our nation. This project both in its construction phase and upon completion will significantly fuel the local economy. Our projections through dialogue with aviation partners suggest encouraging business for HIA and the tourism industry. North American carriers committing to increasing airlift to the island, is a major vote of confidence and reflects the strong growth forecasts for the aviation market.”

The Taiwan based construction company – Oversees Engineering and Construction Company
(OECC) anticipates that a workforce of around 50 people will carry out the initial

Over the course of the airport construction project, close to 700 jobs are
expected to be created, with a target of more than 70 percent coming from Saint Lucia. As with all other projects completed by the company within the Caribbean, OECC has committed to safety and skills transfer as part of the project.

The new HIA is due for completion towards the end of 2021 and proposes a masterplan
developed with a 30- year lifespan. It will be a full-service airport with international, domestic and regional flights; an augmented cargo facility, opening limitless possibilities for trade and commerce.
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  1. Is it true that Guy will be in charge of this project? Is he is we finish in St Lucia. This boy is teething bad.

  2. Too much talking, carry on with the job, you have already said all of that! just 2 more years to go; so it is action time!

  3. I experienced long ago people used to carry s*** in buckets to make a living and most of them have welth but now in this mordan age and time…..people now talking s*** with their mouths and expect to have welth. What a coincidence life.

  4. 2 years from start to finish 🙄 I can’t believe it, they going to build us a half ass airport. Serious projects like these takes 10-15 years, I’m not trying to put down the government but it sounds like child’s play.

      • It sounds like foolishness to small minded people like you but in the real world it’s bull**** but I do agree we need an updated airport

  5. Spend 175 million that will inevitably overrun to 500 million when 30 million would have upgraded the airport. Don’t think we don’t know about the alternate proposals that would have been much cheaper for the people of St. Lucia and achieve the same result. We trust a man to run the business of the country when his own father couldn’t trust him to run his businesses. St. Lucians are not the brightest people at all.

  6. Let us give the peep a chance to do their work ,the country need all the development we can get. That is why I always say no matter who talk Daddy Compton would just do what he have too and after everybody enjoy the projects. Look at the water front to point seraphine so give them a chance let’s leave the politics out and be happy for our st lucia, please Mr PM don’t leave the health care out…….

  7. If Dianna Charles didn’t rename the airport you all would not start
    Great job Mrs Charles please come to rename st Jude
    and maybe if you change the name of the new hospital too it maybe Will completely be open to the public

  8. $175Million USD is crazy money and not necessary for upgrade. Upgrade needed yes, but this is ridiculous.
    Half of this would fix St.Jude’s good and proper and still have enough for airport development.

  9. They better start. Payment on the interest ALONE is due this month on that US 100 million Dear Allen went and borrow almost US 6 million Dollars is due. We wont even touch the principle for six years. 6X6= US NOT EC.

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