Construction Of New St Jude Hospital On Schedule

The Construction of the new St Jude Hospital is progressing on schedule, with concrete slated to have been poured Saturday for the first floor of the building, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet announced.

“Currently, the structural frame is at about 40% complete. By integrating the new wing with the existing buildings which were up to DCA standard we have been able to increase the number of beds which the hospital will accommodate from 68 to 90,” Chastanet disclosed on his official Facebook page.

The total size of the new St Jude Hospital will be 9,582 square meters.



  1. Has the Supervisor (Project Manager) taken the necessary precaution to ensure that the steel pillars which have been exposed to months of sea-blast have been treated with an anti corrosion agent?

  2. On schedule? What schedule? 40% complete is not an indicator of time!!!!!! This is because the other 60% could take another 10 years. Sadly the Times has the audacity to regurgitate and publish this shate! I eh blaming the PM as he knows no better.

  3. Anti corrosion agent not necessary just yet.I do hope it rains in the south sometimes. It will soon be
    boxed and poured at the rate they’re going. I’m anxious to see the finished job and I want no excuses.
    Now, let’s keep an open mind and keep politics out of it – it should be for the good of the people there.

  4. Does the schedule compensate for all the lost time they created. We the people consider it way pass schedule. They are working on their on perceived schedule.

  5. St.Lucia , must head to the IMF irrespective of which government in power, Hacks or no Hacks we are the ones suffering .Can someone tell me who are the ones ,benefiting in the sale of ,steel, blocks ,concrete and cement for this project ?? These are the issues that we need to investigate and start sending some of our politicians to jail .We need to educate or selves politically.

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