Construction Work On Castries Market Redevelopment ‘Progressing Well’

Press Release:–  Fresh Start Construction Company Limited, (Fresh Start) is very pleased to report that the first phase of the Market Redevelopment Project is well underway.

Coordinated by the Castries Constituency Council, the planning and preliminary works commenced in late May 2019 directly after the construction of temporary facilities at the old Fire Station site was finished.

Construction of Phase one of the project which accommodates provisions market vendors, is expected to be completed within three months of the commencement date.

Speaking about the project, CEO Mr. Andy Lake stated that the project was going according to plan and he is very satisfied with results so far.

He also took the opportunity to thank the Government of Saint Lucia for allowing Fresh Start to contribute to the economic development of the island.

“Our responsibility is to deliver the project in a timely manner while maintaining high quality standards and managing expectations. As a local company, it is gives us great pleasure to do just that – build structures that comply with international standards and are aesthetically pleasing, generate employment, and help improve the quality of Saint Lucia’s infrastructure”, Mr. Lake said.

Vendors and members of the public will soon have access to a modern facility created by our capable local experts, and constructed in accordance with globally accepted construction methods. The finished product will enhance the profile and, improve the aesthetics of a critical economic pillar in the City of Castries.


  1. Mr.Francis u are the man for the city u have a vision and a plan I could feel the coming of a new st.Lucia.please do the best u can I no that you’ll can make it happened a better st.lucia

  2. It’s great that our gov’t entrusts LOCAL contractors with these important projects. Keep it up

  3. Fresh Start is trying to sanitize it’s name just before elections huh? Since when construction companies sending out press releases just to say their project is going well? Where is the press release for Desert Star Holdings?

  4. We Lucians dont know what we want eh! Yall complain when foreigners getting all the work but a local company gets a chance and yall still vex. Wah. I Luv my Lucia but we have to get it together.

  5. Local boys get the contract who in turn hires locally to do the work. To me you cant beat that. I wish govament would adopt this attitude for more works. Kudos Fresh Start.

  6. Looking forward to the finished product! That market needs an upgrade but we must be careful not to disturb the historic and cultural value of our beloved market.

  7. I love the idea of the upgrade but im disappointed in the temporary area of the market. Although temporary, not sure how long, the area should have been better organized for the vendors and public alike.

  8. The mayor should be in charge of heath care instead, he will do a job with the hospital

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