Construction Worker Killed In Roofing Accident Identified

A construction worker who is reported to have been killed in a work-related accident Wednesday afternoon has been identified.

Law enforcement officials named him as Brian Hippolyte of Cabiche, Babonneau.

Reports indicate that he fell off a roof at South Hill, Cap Estate, Gros Islet.

According to reports, emergency responders were summoned to the scene about 1:26 pm Wednesday.

Hippolyte is said to have died on the spot.


  1. That’s really sad news. My condolences to his family I hope that they get some kind of financial support from the person’s he worked for. May his soul rest in peace.

  2. This is sad,dam it to many hate putting on a harness its this macho thing my condolences to his family RIP my friend

  3. This hit a very sensitive sting in my heart. My brothers and cousins and friends all work in construction. they are mostly hardworking men who put their all into their work. A set of under appreciated and under-celebrated men. Sadly, they do not receive Safety training. this basic training should be made available and a requirement to work on a construction sight.

  4. It is a sad situation, I feel for his family. All construction workers should wear PPE for safety above ground.
    Inspectors must visit job sites to enforce the importance of PPE to avoid tragedies like this one. Safety first, safety always.

  5. Where was the OSHA certified inspector?

    Why wasn’t the man wearing a fall protection harness, which would save his life.

    It is time that the government of Saint Lucia pass laws, making employers, etc provide their employees, workers with personal protection equipment (PPE)

    If the man was wearing a fall protection harness he would be alive today.

    People do not start work if you know you should be wearing personal protection equipment (PPE) and you are not given any. Report it, demand it, because your life is worth more than the dollars you are paid for the job.

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