Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Consultant To Undertake Security Audit Of Saint Lucia Education Sector

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A consultant is to undertake a security audit of Saint Lucia’s education sector and make recommendations that the Ministry of Education is looking to implement as soon as possible.

“We have already engaged a consultant who will be doing a very thorough audit, a security audit of the whole education sector – schools and education institutions in general,” Education Minister Shawn Edward disclosed Tuesday in an interview with reporters.

He explained that the objective was not merely to prevent bandits from breaking into schools but to create a safer environment for teachers, principals, students, and other stakeholders in education.

The Minister spoke against  the backdrop of a spate of school incidents, the latest involving bandits targetting the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School (CCSS) and the Sir Ira Simmons Secondary School.

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The bandits, at least one of whom brandished a firearm, made off with computers, electronic tablets, and other items.

But there were no reports of injuries as a result of the incidents last week Thursday night.

“I do not believe it is right, it is fair in this day and age for bandits to target schools. But bandits are bandits and they show no mercy for schools or educational institutions in our country,” the Minister stated on the sidelines of a sitting of the House of Assembly.

And Edward told reporters that the Ministry of Education was disturbed by the trend.

“I support the position of the Saint Lucia Teachers Union that we have to take school security very seriously,” the Dennery North MP stated.

“And let me give the assurance here this morning that the Ministry of Education that I lead, we do take school security very, very seriously,” Edward declared.

In this regard, he asserted that the safety of teachers and students remains paramount.

“We will spare no effort in ensuring that we make the school environment as safe as possible to ensure quality education to our children,” the Minister said.

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  1. Another “con salt and sea”. He/She collects a fat cheque..put principals in groups ask them fir suggestions….take a few pictures…..the ✍ ✍ ✍ ✍ ✍ ✍
    Put proper fence
    Hire trained security professionals from their friend’s Co.
    Put camera and alarm systems.

    Then walks away with USD 35 K.

  2. I will comment later !
    Only in 🇱🇨 St-Lucia,School children are well dress and freshly looking and nice 😍

  3. Aa Dirty Mary you a re so right. Ok but the journalist not asking the consultant name and details of his/her contract. Where is the transparency that was promised. Who wants to be fooled can be, but not me. You have a Minister of National Security, a PS of National Security, Principals an yet still you need a consultant. Abeh well Fire all you selves. Aa

  4. They can hire their watchman, when they start begging the school girls for bomb I hope the Education Ministry don’t cover it up. Meanwhile their paycheck can buy them lunch and a lil snack but mortgage I don’t think so, enjoy the crumbs.

  5. Another consultancy for an entitled leech. Jobs for Boys and gals…….crumbs for the fools who put their necks on the line.

  6. F!!!!!y .Most of these Watchmen are Questionable .For example those working at Entrepot Secondary School a Thief and Child molester who was employed at Sunny Acres as a Security so tell me how can these persons be employed as watch men.

  7. So the Principals don’t know the weak areas in their schools which they can inform the Minister via letter. Waste of tax payers money. Another consultancy to be shelved and revisited just before the next General elections

  8. Another waste!!! Why can’t the PS send a questioner to all principals and then this can be collated at the Ministry? The results will indicate the needs. What the hell do we need a consultant to pay my tax dollars? I suppose there is some party supporters that’s out there without a job. It is high time those ministries do the work they are paid to do. Nonsense!


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