Consumer Affairs Department Addressing Consumer Complaints

The Consumer Affairs Department has indicated that it has a high rate of success in addressing consumer complaints.

However, the Director of the Department, Guillaume Simon, has explained that receiving redress can only begin if the consumer reports the matter to the Complaints and Investigation Unit at the department.

Simon says if the rights of the consumer have been infringed there will be a form of intervention.

“The point of intervention of my department can only start if the consumer lodges a complaint and when they do we approach the business persons, and I could tell you that about 87% of the time we usually solve those complaints,” he noted.

“So the process is again come in lodge a complaint, have all your proof of purchase. If you have your invoice, your receipt, there must be that link between you and the product and the supplier,” the Director of the Consumer Affairs Department stated.

“If it is a product or if it is a service there must be that link and that proof,” Simon declared.

He described a receipt as being critical in terms of proof that there was a consumer transaction between the supplier and the consumer.

“We have a unit complaints and investigation unit specifically charged with that responsibility of redressing consumer issues. The process is simple that you come in, or you call and you come in and fill out a form, so we have to get a statement of fact in terms of what the problem is. We have a cadre of officers who investigate on the consumers behalf,” he said.

The Consumer Affairs Department will join the global community on March 15th  in celebrating World Consumer Rights Day under the theme: ‘Trusted Smart Products.’


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