Contract Signed For Millennium Highway, West Coast Road Rehabilitation

The government of Saint Lucia has officially signed the contract for the Rehabilitation of the Millennium Highway and West Coast Road.

The project is being executed with grant funding from the United Kingdom Caribbean Infrastructure Fund (UK CIF).

Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, disclosed that under the project, a total of $115 Million EC will be pumped directly into the local economy.

He asserted that the Millennium Highway and the West Coast road are probably generating the most economically to this country than any other roadways.

“People may not see that,” the PM said.

He expressed the view that the number one tour in the Caribbean is the land and sea tour where people drive off the cruise ship, head down to Soufriere and take a boat back up and people who travel by boat, return over land.

“When you combine that with the people who are actually driving down on an excursion – and then clearly if persons are renting a car and going on tour, the likelihood is that they ae going down to Marigot and Anse La Raye and Canaries and eventually into Soufriere.”

“So it’s the taxi drivers who are immediately making the benefit of that road. Then along the way now you are seeing the growth of more and more vendors looking to sell their artifacts on the side of the road and I know that part of this is to improve the quality of the laybys and provide the kind of facilities to support that type of entrepreneurship,” Chastanet explained.

The  project involves the complete rehabilitation of the Millennium Highway, reconstruction of the West Coast Road from Cul de Sac to Soufriere and design for the construction of the new Anse La Raye Bridge.

The project will also see the roll out of a ‘robust Island-wide’ road safety programme to reduce the carnage on the roads.

Infrastructure Minister, Stephenson King, told Wednesday’s signing ceremony that over the years many road users have complained about the deteriorating conditions which probably have brought grief to many families in the country.

“The sad and unfortunate incidents of fatal crashes are well recorded. Also, the Department of Infrastructure is inundated with a myriad of complaints about what some refer to as the deplorable conditions on the roller coaster road. This will be no more,” King declared.


  1. Very good news. We all know that tourism is the #1 driver of the economy in St. Lucia. From the minute our guests leave the airport to the moment when they arrive at their destination, their first impressions of our island are the most important. Road safety, road markings, proper shoulders, and GARBAGE CONTROL are the keys to forming that first impression and will no doubt help our growing economy. We want our guests to spend money. We want them to tell their friends what a beautiful country St. Lucia is. We want them to come back. It benefits everyone. Crumbling road infrastructure and heaps of garbage (at the southern end of Micoud on the Millennium Highway and where the Millennium Highway dead ends just south of Castries where you make the jog northbound toward the tunnels) comes to mind. Excellent work, Mr. Prime Minister!

  2. Well I can agree with the fact that all our highways or roads need fixing.But if you fly in to Hewanora and you are staying in Sufriere fine you drive there on that side that is simple and the road is in pretty good conditions.Now to come further north and reach Marigot I dont recomend that high way or route.You cant get off a plane go and rent a car that has everything wrong way round,and expect to have a great ride on what many say is the most dangerous piece of road ever designed.And no matter what we do it will allways hold the record of most fatalities in the tourist industry in St Lucia.We have problems with all our roads,garbage is another problem.The Milenium dead end in Cul de Sac the whole idea of that was that they would build an over pass that would end somewere past the Junk Yard and we would have got maybe a four lane highway reaching Bexon.That idea went down the drain the over pass and all the rest.All that piece from Cul de Sac to were they stock pile sand has to be rebuilt completely all the foundation of the highway is resting on a layer of clay that has to be totally removed the same as the piece infront of Hess the foundation has the same problem.This was not done and the idea that a mantle of cloth placed on top of the clay would solve the problem obviously never worked You want to fix it you dig it.This is free no charge.

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