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Coolie Town residents claim police brutality

Two Coolie Town residents claim that their teenage relative was the victim of police brutality on Friday.

Verne Sevrne, the aunt of the alleged victim, said that on the day in question at about 7 pm a neighbour told her that her nephew had been arrested.

(Verne Sevrne)

Sevrne said that she later received information that the youngster, Shervin Henry,  was in custody in Castries.

She explained that when it was about 9 pm, Shervin arrived home.

“All his knee was bleeding, his head was hurting him, his mouth had one or two knocks – all his pants was dirty with mud,” Sevrne told reports.

She said the young man reported that six police officers took him to the Roseau beach, beat him up, put a gun to his mouth and hit him several times.

“They told him they are going to shoot him,'” the aunt said, adding that the lawmen wanted to know who was responsible for a fatal shooting in the community.

According to her, her nephew said he told the police officers he did not know what they were talking about but they tried to force him to confess to a crime he did not commit.

“They taking turns, that one saying :’Let me shoot him!’ The other one saying: ‘No, no, I want to be the one doing it. Let me do it!Let me do it.'” Sevrne stated.

She said the abuse continued for a while, as the officers kept demanding to know about someone called ‘Isimbert’. Sevrne said her nephew drifted in and out of consciousness.

“I don’t know how he managed to escape, but he ran – because he knew the area. He run for his life and that was it,” she said.

The aunt recalled that the teenager arrived home covered in dirt and  wearing only boxer shorts.

The aunt recalled that on Saturday morning she was at her home when the police arrived.

“One of the officers gave my door three hard punches and told me ‘Open the door,'” she said.

The aunt said the officer demanded to know where ‘Isimbert’ was, to which she responded that she did not know the person.

According to her, the officer asked how many persons lived in the house and when he was told, proceeded to enter the building and pull out her son demanding to know where ‘Isimbert’ was, to which her son replied : “I don’t know. I don’t know who you are looking for. I am not Isimbert.”

Servne said at that point she asked her son to get his identification card to show it to the officer which he did.

However she explained that the officer proceeded to pull her eighteen year old son outside to a waiting vehicle which left with the teenager.

Servne said the vehicle returned with her son about half an hour later, whereupon the officers began asking for her nephew, Shervin,  who had earlier reported being a victim of police brutality.

“We told them to go and look for Shervin by the beach because you all beat him up last night,” she disclosed, adding that the family contacted a lawyer about the situation and took Shervin into the Marigot Police Station where a statement was given by the young man.

Servne said Shervin was later taken to custody suites, the police explaining that he had escaped from lawful custody.

He was later released.

“I was wondering if by the beach is lawful custody,” she declared.

Another relative, Kasha Valty,  demanded justice.

(Kasha Valty)

“I want justice. If you arrest a person, bring the person to the station – do not bring them by the beach and beat up the person like that,” she stated.

Valty said Shervin has no problems with anyone in Coolie Town.

But she told reporters that on one occasion the teenager was held and beaten up in Marigot.

“The fellas, I think he get one of the fellas  and he hit the fella back, so they come – masked men come behind him home; they passed home and come behind him and after that they have been saying is Shervin that killed the boy in Marigot,” Valty said.

It was a reference to the May 21, 2017  shooting death of Crishna Chester Wilson who was attacked by masked gunmen outside a bar at Marigot.





  1. You’ll like to put you’ll hands in fire for the little devils you’ll created.. hide them still.. when they come for them take care you’ll don’t pass in it as well.. if the other crew can’t get them. They might take you’ll out.. stop covering up for you’ll demons

    • whosoever you are, sit down somewhere!!!!! Police officers are here to protect and serve. Now, if I am not mistaken these officers should not relocate the subject, not to a remote location. It takes Six officers to apprehend him? I have my Nephews and Nieces in St Lucia and i would be a damn!! fool if this will go down. We will be dancing SOCA on the High Court Steps!!!! I’ll have the Badge, Gun and their salaries. (Words deleted)

      • Blah blah blah. Ya’ll does talk tough behind the screen (me too), or until it really happens to ya’ll and suddenly ya’ll quiet. All dem years I living in lucia never once been approached by police.

  2. alot of the shooting an killings go an see if is not officers them selves that more involved in those crimes .old dirty cops dogs urll are (Words deleted)

  3. Yall family committing how much crime shooting robbing people none of yall talking to them. When the table turn yall talkin . Think of the victims of crime the young handits affect (Word deleted)

  4. You’ll have your kids doing all sort of crimes he’s never the one…no not him officer we need restore confidence like yesterday please get rid of the so call cowards criminals…please please please….I need to be able to walk the streets without fear….

  5. I’m not saying he did it I was not there ,but the police have to uphold the law ???they are not above the law period.
    U arrest some one y take him/ her in not best them up.
    It wrong,two wrong don’t MKE a right??

  6. police beat you on your knees? sounds like a bunch of lies. Just say when u run/escaped your knees got injured.

  7. Most of the time the officers doing the killing in the disguise cars and well mask done…dirty cops in the police force…and hermon gill knows all about it..they are the criminal…I did not know that the police station move to the beach…..the police officers just dirty…all they want is drugs..and the drugs money….this country have to continue in blood…unless the goverment clean out the force a old dirty cop hermon gill that PM put de..he is a criminal….unless people canot get justice in this Island this is wat will happen… always the poor paying for it…. so sad…that is y poor people have to understand not to vote for these people…

  8. Dirty cops…they are the ones have this country the way it is dirty police…they want the geto they going

  9. Most of u people saying officers …get rid of the criminsls of the streets some times the same man u have ….ir boyfriend is a durty criminal …it dont mark on they face….these days they well dress office boys that doing it together with the police …so shut your mouth..stop running your jaw

  10. I have heard of similar accounts from civilians who were brutalized by police officers. The police may be frustrated and overwhelmed by all these murders but cannot be justified in the unlawful beating of citizens who may be totally innocent. This incident deserves a thorough investigation. If left unchecked, these possible rogue police officers would repeat these illegal actions, and it could result in the death of an innocent person. Let’s not condone wrong . Yes, we want the criminal elements off the street but is this the right way of doing it? I repeat, a thorough investigation is needed here otherwise we’ll be heading once more down a slippery slope.

  11. and this is how we intend to gain the trust of the public! If the above story is true.

    You’ll officers are playing with FIRE!

    Remember ORC, you’ll best hope and pray the bad boys don’t set up the own Operation on you’ll.

    This story is sickening to the core.

  12. he got what was coming to him and will evetually get more when he was terrorizing people where was hes aunt hmmmmmmmmm all the times they would hide him when he do hes things they didnt know to hide him from the police this time best u go back i hiding cause what coming to u will happen shervin. and those two vicious people need to sop looking for empathy from st lucians cause all the time he doing ppl yourll saying he have right

  13. Not saying what the. Police did was right but
    Those young men do a lot just so the police would target choops tan good for u (Words deleted)

  14. Police have the right to bring them in the police station not on the beach….ok that is ythey have a police sation built ok..for that ….I hope u people see ..snd hear wat is going on…ok …take note ….justice is for all ok

  15. May I remind u people most of us have kids also…weather in the police force or in the getoes…the children..are diffrent from the children yrs ago..the way of thinking is differnt now….so this is it…no work no money… wat do u expect..them to do ….every day they have to eat

  16. Hence the reason, the rich will be rich, abd the poor will be poor, the system is design like that, have u ever heard a lawyer take a jail in ST LUCIA., or a police officer, or A minster, no and the people are the real criminals, so people , open your eyes, only the small man are being target, dont u have eyes, and ears to listen , dont be fooled by the system

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