Thursday, September 29, 2022

Cop Advises: ‘Ditch The Headphones’ When Jogging In New Anti-Crime Video

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Police Sergeant, Shervon Matthieu, has advised persons who engage in physical exercise such as walking and jogging, to ‘ditch’ their headphones as a crime safety measure.

Matthieu, dubbed a ‘Cop Who Cares‘, offered the advice in his latest crime safety video released on Sunday.

“Music may be entertaining but they reduce awareness of your surroundings,” he observed.

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Matthieu also offers additional tips for keeping safe when exercising.

In a social media post announcing the release of the new recording, he offers special thanks to Bank of St Lucia for sponsoring the initiative,  as well as Nicola D’Auvergue , Corneil Lionel and Derwin Modeste, proprietor of WolfArt Productions.

The ‘Cop Who Cares’ has urged persons to share the video so that it can reach more homes locally, regionally and internationally.

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