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Updated on July 8, 2020 6:51 pm
Updated on July 8, 2020 6:51 pm
Updated on July 8, 2020 6:51 pm

Cop Say Criminals Taking ‘Their Game To A New Level’

In the aftermath of an early Wednesday morning armed robbery at Twist bar in Grand Riviere, Gros Islet, a senior police officer has asserted that criminals here taking their game to a new level.

“Obviously the criminals have taken their game to a new level and it is up to law enforcement to up our game,” Assistant Police Commissioner, George Nicholas told St Lucia Times.

“We have to be more aggressive, we have to be more forceful when we respond to these kinds of criminal activities and this notion that the criminals want to take on the police – it’s taking it to another level so we have to step up our game,” Nicholas declared.

Assistant Police Commissioner George Nicholas

He disclosed that about 1.00 am there was a report that a cash register was stolen as well as a firearm from an off duty police officer.

According to information obtained by St Lucia Times, the officer was at the bar when the incident occurred.

It’s the second incident recently in which a law enforcement officer was relieved of a firearm during an armed robbery.

A Guardsman Employee was shot in the head last month and his weapon taken when gunmen attacked the Balata gas station.

The deceased was a Jamaican national, Paul Bruce.

On Saturday night, two masked gunmen attacked a shop at Mon Repos, Micoud, shooting the owner – Andrew Joseph in the lower abdomen.

Joseph died on Monday at St Jude Hospital.

ACP Nicholas does not believe that one criminal gang is responsible for the spate of armed robberies.

“From our experience it’s not not one gang operating because we have made some progress in some of these robberies and apprehended those persons we believe are involved  – and then you hear of another robbery while those persons are in custody. So obviously there is more than one gang operating in different areas,” the senior police official told St Lucia Times.

“I want to assure members of the public that we are not going to rest until we  can have a grip on this whole situation,” Nicholas said.

He noted that usually around the Christmas season there’s an upsurge in crime.

However Nicholas said from his experience the situation is really unprecedented this year.

“We are stepping up our game – we are increasing our presence as much as we can; but we are asking members of the public to assist us; work with us on this whole crime situation,” he told St Lucia Times.

He observed that criminals have shown on numerous occasions that they will not hesitate to use firearms when they have to and the police have to be two steps ahead of them.

“We should not hesitate to use ours when we respond to those types of criminal activities and if it’s a case where the criminals want to take on the police, they have something else coming for them. We will not hesitate or spare any effort in responding appropriately to safeguard ourselves and members of the public,” Nicholas declared.


  1. Officer Nicholas, how about daily raids in those hot spots. Put them on the defensive. Don’t let them sleep or feel comfortable. Keep the pressure on them and they will inevitably crack. The public is willing to support good cops to the end. Get rid of the rot in the Force as well. That will instill confidence and trust.

  2. I have never ever seen criminals so bold in my country. The police really need to step up and show those thugs who is in charge. Your business is not even safe with security anymore. I think those guys need to be executed on site. Members of the public need to be vigilant at all times. It is the worst I have seen it. I wonder if deportees are involved in those crimes.

  3. The police force should ask the Rss for Support to Clean St.Lucia .This was done in St.Kitts this Year .Because its out of Control in St.Lucia

  4. We need to restore ORC to stop those hard core thugs among the good people of the society. Stop blaming the police

  5. COP time for action,to much talk.
    We need results and legislation to support the police and the judiciary.
    Minister of National Security is playing no role.

  6. Ask KD Anthony what happened to ORC and why we can’t have one, why our crime is still so high. His presence in our politics and in our national efforts has emboldened crime and criminals both regualar and political criminals of all colours and parties. Nuff said.

  7. Let the police take care of them kill them if they have to.St Lucia is not safe anymore so let the police clean up the place

  8. Gassa, you eh have no deterrence. Garbage in, garbage out. You catching de (gun) fishes, and you releasing them back in de pond. Genius idea. Formula for a smashing success eh.

  9. Yawwnnn ! With more bar per capita than any other island or country I know lets see what the hell police can do as if to say we can afford to have a cop for every bar and every shop in St Lucia but then again our police officers love a bar so who knows. These are not random acts, these guys are not stupid they are planed and calculated; these fellows go to these establishments like regular patrons stay for around closing and study the movements of staff and managers and then come back another date and pry upon them just check the time of day these crimes are committed. For those of us who drink Geritol and stick the preparation H up you know where ” TIDY ” and go to bed early (they know themselves) has very little to worry about they can’t see at nights anyway. For those of us that happy hour starts at 5 and run all evening to late night be mindful of your surroundings don’t stay for last round. Police officers can’t sit at a bar all night (could be very wrong) long just waiting for fellows to come while crime goes on elsewhere.

  10. Sir, there are laws for our lawenforcement officers, there are lawS for law abiding citizens, but there is no law for these lazy fools we call criminals! these folls have all rights, ask miss Mary! because we have a minister of justice with no visiov, a PM AND THE WHOLE BUNCH OF THEM WITH NO VISION FOR CRIME!
    Some of you may be mad with my opinion; but all the same!

  11. Sir,

    It is now time to change your strategy in addressing the crime situation in Saint Lucia. There is no doubt that the general public has had enough of this talking, while criminals run amok in a society that simply want to go about its business. Here are a few suggestions. Saint Lucian is an Island with most villages located on the periphery of the Island. Every Constituency should have a fully operational police constabulary. If,say a crime is committed in Soufriere, the police of adjoining constituencies – in that case Anse la Raye/Canaries to the North and Choiseul to the South should form a ring of steel while the Police in Soufriere are mobilized to to investigate the crime… Subsequently all adjoining constituency forces north and south of Anse La Raye/ Canaries and Choiseul are on alert Looking for suspects/vehicles. Now the SSU should be mobilitised via helicopter to the incident to have a aerial view of the situation if the criminals decide to use the dense foliage for cover…Of course the region of sea bordering the incident should also have SSU on boat keeping an eye out…Criminals are becoming bold stepping up the gruesomeness of their acts to instill fear in the citizenry and the authorities. It should be met with the full armory of the law. Government must equip the force with the tools needed to combat this scourge in society…That means bringing in forensics, detectives/investigators, spy craft, strenghtening our laws, introducing stiffer punishments for criminal activities. We have to know who the trouble makers are…The Police should not be resting when crime is minimal and then suddenly awake when something then u are already on the back foot. We need to know who those criminals are and that involves intelligence…..There is not doubt the nation will support the police if they see the authorities are coming down with the hammer on those thugs. But you must be seen to act and act decisively to root out that cancer of criminality. who are those criminals? are they foreign/commonwealth/Caricom Nationals?

  12. There is a need for a comprehensive strategic plan for crime prevention. The present Chastanet led government is found woefully wanting. Where there is no vision the people perish. A government’s #1priority is the security and safety of its people. This government has shown a callous disregard for the lives of the citizens. On going training of the police in crime detection; evidence gathering; securing the crime scene; surveillance and investigative techniques is essential. Constant raids on the homes of known criminal elements; morefoot and mobile patrol in crime hotspot areas; a beefed up police presence on the streets and plugging the holes at the porous border where illegal firearms and ammunition are entering the country undetected should be done The present Minister of National Security needs to go. The man is a deadweight. He should be taking home $0.00 every month for his gross incompetence. To have this misfit holding on to this portfolio in light of the runaway crime situation is unconscionable. The people also must become fully involved and cooperate fully with law enforcement. AST. Commissioner Nicholas, the big stick method alone won’t do much for it is used after the crime has been committed. We need preventative measures also. The plans that you have espoused are rather simplistic. No wonder the crime rate is so rapidly escalating. Finally, the police need all the requisite resources they can get in their effort against this scourge.

  13. Inertia say that a force will continue until it is stopped by an equal or greater force. We are seeing crimiinals using fire power that exceed the fire power used by law enforcement. If the criminals are coming with an AR15 rifle, the police cannot come with a 9mm. And don’t clog up the jails with these hardened criminals that cannot be rehabilitated; there is a cheaper and more permanent place for them.

  14. Finally … the police “seems” to be sending a message to the criminals. This message should be more blatant, cunning, and LOUD!! “… Obviously the criminals have taken their game to a new level and it is up to law enforcement to up our game …” according to Nicolas.

    Please “up your game” in a LOUD and THREATENING MANNER to the criminals!

  15. Well done PC Nicholas, excellent idea. Please get rid of tinted windows and have SSU and police officers working head to head. Do stop and search on a daily basis.

    Kill those criminals, no time wastage. Allow the SSU team and police officers use there force. This seems like politics issues.

    Let’s execute those murders.

    Bring the hanging back for those low life. All those going round killing people for there hard work.

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