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Updated on July 6, 2020 4:47 am
Updated on July 6, 2020 4:47 am
Updated on July 6, 2020 4:47 am

Cop, Two Others Arrested In Vieux Fort Ganja Find

Saint Lucia police arrested one of their own Saturday morning, following the discovery of marijuana plants in a yard at Vieux Fort, according to information obtained by St Lucia Times.

The officer is said to have been relaxing in the house when members of the Special Services Unit (SSU) conducted a search of the premises and found over sixty marijuana plants in the yard.

He and two other males were taken into custody and are currently detained, according to reports.

There are no other details at this time.


  1. St lucia the most beautiful place in the world smh where do we lose our respect?i lived there breathed there love there

  2. My God who can be trusted ..when greed and envy with lack of respect and integrity has taken over such a beautiful island.

  3. Haven’t heard obe marijuana related death in my 30+ yrs on earth but still rum and cigarettes are celebrated grown and produced legally i know for a fact there is nothing a doctor can prescribe the two for but lil ole herb is still viewed as the devils right hand #wakeup # marijuanasaves #legalizeit stop using it to create criminals

  4. OH MY GOD!!!!! A police officer relaxing!!!! With cannabis plants in the yard??? Hang him!!!!!! Great job SSU! 60 plants! What a massive haul. Now the nation can sleep well tonight. This is where we are in 2019? No news here.

    • Smh u want to hang someone for a plant God created n yet u promoting politicians who steal our tax money n keep the poor ppl down…..ignorance again at it’s finest!!!!!!

  5. Oh wow 60 plants. Good thing the police saved us all from these evil plants. Who knows who these plants could have raped or killed!

  6. We are all human, so is the police, our weakness follow’s us all through; so what’s the big deal?

  7. Is marijuana really illegal here. I see it being smoked in every street corner in Castries where police patrol. In every party with SSU moonlighting as security guards. Shouldn’t more people be arrested?

  8. Truly? Is that news? Whislt Barbados is poised to make $1B in Marijuana sales, we are arresting persons for plants. Is it not time to release and expunge the criminal records of young men arrested and jailed for a joint?

  9. Iv never heard about any case where marijuana killed someone or caused accident when rum and cigarettes legalized and these two causes most road accidents and COPD

  10. When you stop and think for a minute. The same higher powers that made us believe that marijuana was evil and made sure it was made illegal all over the world, are the same body of people now making billions of profit off an industry based on this same plant. Don’t the police here feel stupid arresting persons for possession of marijuana plants yet?

    They want us to burn and destroy all our plants, while they cultivate theirs. Years from now, we’ll have none and we’ll have to buy from them. While the men in Canada and the US are getting filthy wealth from their sales, we have dumbed our citizens to believe marijuana is evil.

    When they finally allow us to plant and grow legally, they will have already discovered a parasite to kill our crop. The machinery to produce quality products from our crop will be too expensive and far from reach for most. We will have to spend millions to import marijuana based products from the same powers that made our forefathers stupid with deceit. lol

    The foolish shall truly never prevail.

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