Cops Caution Against Rush To Judgement In Death Of Prisoner At Police Station

Saint Lucia police have warned against jumping to conclusions in the death Saturday of Shem Sinaise, at the Laborie police station.

The 32-year old Vieux Fort resident was found hanging from a window after asking to use the bathroom, according to law enforcement officials.

They say he appeared to have used a string or piece of cord from his clothing to hang himself.

Family members of the deceased have asserted that the death is suspicious.

However Superintendent George Nicholas told a news conference Monday that in such matters there are a lot of emotions.

“There will always be suspicion,” Nicholas explained.

“We should not jump to conclusions – we should allow due process,” he told reporters.

In response to questions from reporters, he explained that when someone is taken into custody, there is a procedure that is followed.

But Nicholas said he would not comment too much on that matter since an investigation is currently underway.

“I wouldn’t want to say anything that would cloud the judgement of the investigators or skew the investigation in any particular direction. I am not going to go into whether the procedure was followed. The lead investigator has assured me that by the end of this week he should complete the investigation and once that has happened I can give a further update,” he told the news conference.

Family members of the deceased had complained that they were summoned after the body had been removed on Saturday afternoon.

Nicholas said he was not sure when the family members were called.

“But obviously in a matter like that where the police need to preserve the crime scene, we wouldn’t want persons to come and contaminate it. We would want as much as possible to have an impartial investigation and the less interference we have with the crime scene the better you can gather whatever evidence to get to the bottom of the matter,” he stated.

He also said he did not have information that there was not a full complement of officers on duty at the time.

Police say that Shem Sinaise had been arrested by Vieux Fort police  and charged with stealing and causing harm.

He was held at Laborie police station since the building where Vieux Fort officers had been relocated due to issues at their station, did not have a holding cell, it was explained.


  1. I read this and it leaves me wondering,do the police ever think that when they have somebody in custody they are responsible for his life? This is bad as hell

  2. Has the young man from Vieux Fort who was taken to the Choiseul Station been found ?
    And now this episode at the Laborie Station..
    What’s next?

  3. I’m so conflicted by this whole mess. I really do want to put the blame on the lower ranks of the police, but I do have reservations. These guys are either incompetent or do not have the right training to do the job. Under such circumstance, who gets the blame? It also was stated that this young man was dealing with some personal issues. This still should not take away from the fact that you cannot send a troubled young man, under your custody, unsupervised, to a bathroom and not expect the possibility of this happening. This has to be a training or leadership issue,

  4. At the wellness Center the Nurses and Doctors Does Supervise the patients when using the Toilet and Bath Room .I guess if was the police He had Hang that would be thumbs up .Let Major Crime investigate the incident

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