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Updated on July 3, 2020 10:43 am
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Updated on July 3, 2020 10:43 am

Cops ‘Closing In’ On Former MP Who Caused Collapse Of Guyana Government

Guyana police are reported to be closing in on former government MP, Charrandas Persaud, whose backing of a no confidence opposition motion brought down the administration of President David Granger.

The  state-owned Guyana Chronicle in a front page article Monday quoted Vice President, Khemraj Ramjattan, as telling a local television show that law enforcement authorities are investigating a bribery link to the former MP’s support of the no-confidence vote.

Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan

Ramjattan, who is also Minister of Public Security, indicated that there is “absolutely a connection with bribery.”

He was quoted as saying that a big sum of money was involved.

Ramjattan said he understood that Persaud wanted to transfer the cash overseas, the Chronicle reported.

According to the publication, the Guyana Vice President  made the comments during the National Communications Network (NCN) show, Context, on Sunday.

He disclosed that  the evidence is being gathered to show that Persaud was not only compromised, but that there are members of the opposition  People’s Progressive Party (PPP) who were fully aware of this when they brought the confidence motion against the government.

“We are having it [evidence] because he has spoken to people,” replied Ramjattan, when asked if there was evidence to support the claim that Persaud was bribed.

“It is clearly a case where he is compromised and obviously those who moved the motion, or at least one person who moved the motion, knew about this. They knew that they had Charrandas in the bag. Now that is not the kind of democratic process we want for this country. You had to know you had somebody in the bag,” Ramjattan was quoted as saying.

At the time when Charrandas Persaud voted against the coalition government of which he was a member, the administration had a one seat majority in the national assembly.

According to the Chronicle, opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo at a press conference shortly before the motion was debated, noted his optimism that at least one government MP would vote for the motion.

Bharrat Jagdeo

But Jagdeo has denied bribing Persaud.

Persaud  himself has denied that he was bribed, insisting that he voted according to his conscience.

In a Facebook post from Canada recently, he asserted that he was a ‘yes man’ who was part of a ‘yes man’ team.

According to the Chronicle, allegations that the former MP was bribed were ‘further fuelled ‘when photographs surfaced of Persaud being escorted out of Parliament by PPP supporter Peter Ramsaroop after his vote.

Later, Persuad himself questioned why it would be wrong if he was paid, the newspaper reported.



  1. Something may in fact true, but it has to be proven in court with irrefutable evidence. So the plaintiff which has the burden of prof has to make sure that it is has and continues to collect evidence to support its claim.

  2. These politicians in these Third World countries (including St. Lucia) are all the same! When you act according to your conscience, they vilify you and then attempt to destroy you! Damn the Guyanese government! They were overconfident that the no vote would have gone to them. Take note UWP!

    • Now Crow, tell me. How do you know that he acted according to conscience? Please tell me Mr/Miss/Mrs Crow, the Gardere

  3. He may have been bribed, but I don’t think that invalidates the vote. So my advice to the Guyana government would be to focus on preparing yourself for the election. This is how democracy works.

    With a one-seat majority there will always be an incentive for someone to be enticed to increase his value and “cross”. Whether you agreed with Compton or not, he was very shrewd in deciding that he couldn’t work with a 9-8 result in 1987.

  4. First time i heard of this bribe story this is a big big big lie i am a menber of AFC AFC hurt the people in guyana and they got the result dont blame Charrandass he done the right thing.

  5. It is sad to see that Guyanese are so enslaved or still remain in slavery that they boil on the bottom of the worlds pot hating, cheating and bribing.

    To the black people of Guyana from what i see you are all still enslaved and remain enslaved from the 17 century to now.

    To the India who were drawn from the lower cast of India who were also enslaved, your attitude to cheat is built in to you, accept that even though you will never achieve complete acceptance by your Indian comrades in India you have a new world in Guyana, as if you see how Bramans are treated you will understand that life in Guyana is yours to mold differently.

    So we have a new world Guyana and in that new world people no one should be allowed to utilizes his/her position to divide both peoples in the country.

    Guyana has a lot to offer the world and at one time the people were the highest educated in the west indies, now its the second poorest, yet like Africa and India it has all the wealth and only a few gets to enjoy it.

    This parliament process is suppose to be fair and if its not done fairly and is found to be corrupt, then whatever the vote is should be null and void, but the elements who seek to disrupt these process with corruption should be jailed and removed from the politics which forms this fledgling country has created.

    Guyana needs stability, fairness, justice and calm so that matters can move forward to benefit the people of Guyana.
    These behaviors needs to be removed from this countries politics.
    Guyana can become the Dubai of South America with wealth for all if these issues do not dominate and a progressive Government is in place, focus to make the people wealthy, happy and prosperous.

    Guyana won the lottery, now the family is fighting over it and that is the essence of this reality and i as a Guyanese is sick to the stomach about it.
    An election right now is disruptive to the process of moving Guyana forward, all parties needs to come together to manage Guyana’s new wealth and this should be the priorities.
    No manipulations to get back into power, if its a black or Indian president it should only matter about the essence of that person and his commitment to the people of Guyana and that is the work of the politicians of Guyana which they seem to forget because of the corruption that exist.

    I wish i could become the president as Guyana as Guyana needs a person and persons who are progressive for the people of Guyana.

  6. power should be with the people. the average citizen should be educated enough and muster up the will to hold the politicians accountable regardless of race. mass protest for a better system for all people. there will be a lot of money to spend in the near future and if the common man don’t have a say on how its spend will only make a few happy…power to the people..if its good for the people then its good for all..

  7. Look at these Politicians,Isn’t all the same? Lies, Lies and more Lies regardless of the party their from. They fighting and arguing in parliament and the people and the country not getting better. Now Venezuela is fighting up about the Oil Exploration in Guyana because it’s getting backings from Russia. Putin poking his head everywhere the US goes, He wants to create problems Another thing is China is pushing its self to get part of the oil. Why Guyana allowing this. China don’t develope any other country. It’s developing its own. Russia and China is on the same page. So Guyana open your eyes and stop all the fighting and come together and make the country a paradise and also get the Chinese out before it’s too late

  8. Guyanese won the lottery countless times, they had gold mines, bauxite, whatever minerals you name it, it can be found in guyana. they always knew they had oil, its only now the US has become interested in exploiting it. Guyanese have “forked” up their country over and over even with massive wealth before oil. it led to the biggest brain drain and mass expulsion of people that the caribbean has ever seen. they ran where they could including into neighbouring countries. rather than settling in other caribbean islands, many guyanese who left made the more stable islands a one stop shop to the US, very few stayed and settled. Guyanese mentality will never change and oil will only make them more foolish just like their previous riches did. they will continue to divide along black and indian lines or whatever foolish lines they can find. the chinese will continue to use the greedy coolies and kweyols and so will the US, the Russians and others. the oil money will go to the IMF to pay for the loan packages they will encourage them to take. unless there is a change of mentality, guyana will never be a bigger Dubai or a larger Singapore. that’s a pipe dream. their brains aint wired to be the best even with enough money at their disposal.

  9. Bribery is criminal offense, for those of you who are ignorant to the fact!!! If indeed this former MP was bribed and it is proven in court, he will face serious jail time and in most cases a hefty fine.

  10. Only now kemraj know that charandas is a duel citizen after he defeated the apnu and the KFC. If he had voted for them everything would b good they are looking out for the people of guyana and want to prove Democracy is this the way to tell the people of guyana when you tried to bullied your way to stay in power. Is this Democracy? If the people of Guyana has some hope for the government at the next election the are crushing it because they preach democracy not displaying it to the people they serve

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