Cops Say Inadequate Security Facilitated Burglary At Police Departments

Saint Lucia police have said that inadequate security at the Lamar building on Bridge Street, Castries, facilitated the recent break in at several police departments housed there.

Assistant Police Commissioner, Wayne Charlery, told a news conference Tuesday that it was obvious that security was inadequate.

He described the the burglary as an embarrassing incident.

According to Charlery, there was need to revamp¬† security procedures for police departments in commercial buildings because those structures are not built for “top notch” security.¬†

The Writ Department, Vulnerable Persons Unit, the Criminal Administration Office as well as the Criminal Records Office were all compromised, law enforcement officials disclosed Tuesday at the news conference.

But they said that there was no evidence that documents were missing and only a small sum of money was taken.

In addition, the police denied reports that passports were stolen from the Lamar building which also houses the Passport Office.




  1. We never know when they get stolen,because your boys hide it all the time,they making thousands with the little books.Other goverments will find them for sure,hope they let you know,keep you posted on how many they recovered

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