Saturday, February 22, 2020

Cops To Interview Mary Isaac Over Assassination Comments

Saint Lucia police have been instructed to interview Health Minister Mary Isaac, who recently asserted that someone was sent to kill former City Councillor, Victor Maurice.

Maurice died last month while receiving medical treatment in Martinique.

He had been shot multiple times at his home here in November.

At a vigil in his memory, Mary Isaac asserted that crime is big business in Saint Lucia, driven by people very far up in the Island’s hierarchy.

Acting Police Commissioner Milton Desir told reporters Thursday that he had ordered officers to either call in the Minister or go to her to obtain a statement about what she knows or if she knows anything about the Victor Maurice homicide.

Desir spoke against the backdrop of the murder Wednesday night of Babonneau businessman John Baptiste Honora.

Honora was shot multiple times at Reduit.



  1. It is stupid for the Acting Commissioner of Police to tell reporters that he has ordered officers to either call in the Minister or go to her to obtain a statement. If this is the best we have to offer as a communique from the Head of the police then we’re in serious trouble.

  2. Time to bring back the noose – If you kill – you hang.
    If you’re speaking to the Police, make sure you have a Lawyer there with you.

  3. My god where are we heading now well I hope you all interview HE to did he make a statement to just asking. God put hands please too much.I wish the SLP will win the up coming election and as soon as they win put a 20 percent tax in St lucians Bam Bam to much.

  4. The police is conducting investigations into an open murder case, in which someone claim to have a particular knowledge. That person has made assertions which will be examined. This kind of activity by the police is nothing new. The big question, why didn’t Mary contact the police before they contacted her?

    My gut feeling is Mary is blowing hot air from you know where. Let’s take a quick look of crime during the last decade. There are numerous unsolved murders where people were at their homes, or entering their premises. These people were shot or stabbed to death. What makes this case different from the others? Did Mr. Maurice hold important state secrets? If he didn’t, could this senior citizen have been a force to alter the result of the upcoming elections through his campaign efforts? For now, I will stick with probabilities and logic.

  5. Acting COP this is the kind of clown we have heading the police force.
    Why must the police react to public preasure.
    Thought it was the police job to follow every lead . Sad to hear Mary had not been interviewed as yet.
    Where in the hell is the COP?

  6. I think this acting Commissioner needs to do some reading or get advise. You cannot force anyone to give a statement as a witness. You can order any police officer to do anything you wish but not if it is illegal.

    What lawful authority are you exercising?

    If you believe that the minister is obstructing then and only then and only if you have the balls you can arrest and interview.

    There are lots of others more proactive and prudent ways to get this information.

    Ineptitude at its best.

    • Wolf, you are such an idiot that your level of being idiotic will destroy any scale. You mean you don’t understand that Mary’s made a very serious statement that SUGGEST THAT SHE IS KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT A CRIME and so the police have a right to interview her as part of the investigation. From her statements top the police, if she cooperates, the police might solve the murder. Stop, please stop being an idiot. You are the only wolf idiot in the world.

      • Foxy,
        Please ask any lawyer or knowledgeable officer. You cannot force a person to give information as a witness. They can take a risk and arrest her if they deem her suspect or a person of interest, or summons her to court but you CAN’T force anyone to provide a witness statement or to tell you what they know.
        It is as simple as this. I know this may be emotional but there is a matter of law that overrides emotions. We are not in a communist state. Sorry.

    • Wolf, no one is forcing Mary to do anything. Here is a simple example: Imagine there has been a burglary at your next door neighbor’s house. While detectives are at the scene, they overhear you making statements about the crime. Can the detectives ask you questions?
      Hope the question is not too difficult.

      • Poule Foo,
        The police can ask you whatever they wish. They cannot force you to answer. It is your right to say nothing. The fact that I have to explain this to everyone is amazing. It is being a good citizen to provide that information but the police cannot force someone to tell them what they saw. If everyone thinks that I am wrong please provide the statute that gives them the power.

    • I never stated that Mary will be forced to answer any questions. She has the right to defer as any other citizen. She holds a position of responsibility which is greater than the average person. If she takes a pass and not cooperate, then she will be looked at in a different light.
      The smart people observing this unfolding drama already the know the answer. This is a case of another politician talking crap, so the faithful can get into a frenzy. A show of inner knowledge that others are not privy. Sometimes, being stupid can be smart.

  7. i dont understand. the guy was shot. its not like he passed in an accident or of some illness. so yes mary right to say he was assassinated. some of u need a dictionary. i see nothing wrong with what she say. the question is who do it and why and was any other person or persons involved in plotting and committing this act. the commissioner should learn to do his job rather than being stupid by going after mary.

  8. When a crime is comited,you investigate,you have detectives and you have your undercover agents walking the streets.Why was he killed.What was his private life about.Did he have enemies.Personal feuds,debts,All his personal friends.Thats police work people.

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