Cops Vow To Continue Campaign Against Criminals

Saint Lucia police have vowed to continue their campaign against criminals and do what it takes within the law to take persons who commit crime into custody.

The declaration was made earlier this week by Acting Police Commissioner, Milton Desir, in an interview with MBC Prime News.

Desir told MBC  television that the police have their short, medium and long term plan to address the crime situation.

“We have seen results – actually from the time it was launched we have recovered firearms and ammunition,” Desir stated.

“Actually for our short term plan it is being executed and we are seeing, I would say, a great reduction in our serious crimes – which are the homicides,” he stated.

“We the police believe that this is one of the issues we need to target because the public – the fear of crime is something that the public is concerned about and sometimes it is said that the fear of crime is worse than the crime being committed in itself, because persons would say ‘When next?'” the Acting Police Chief explained.

He stated that notwithstanding instances where people believe they can threaten law enforcement officers who are doing their work, that will not be accepted.

“They will do what it takes within the law to bring these persons into custody,” he asserted.

Desir said illegal firearms are a source of concern to the police.

He disclosed that the police are trying to get the illegal guns off the streets, although law enforcement is aware that it cannot get rid of all the illegal guns.

The Acting Police Commissioner spoke of the need to strengthen Saint Lucia’s borders to prevent the trade in illegal guns and get information about the location of the weapons.

“This information when we get it, we will act upon it,” he told MBC Prime.

“I must say we have received certain information – firearms have been recovered,” he noted.

According to the senior police officer, the government has approved some rewards for persons who give information leading to the recovery of illegal guns.

“That reward  it would range – depending on the information given and the type of firearm recovered, it may range from $3,500 to $5,000 where credible information is given and the firearms are recovered,” he revealed.

“Persons will remain anonymous and it is only from the Commissioner’s office that these persons would be dealt with,” he told MBC Prime.





  1. “Saint Lucia police have vowed to continue their campaign against criminals and do what it takes within the law to take persons who commit crime into custody.” Isn’t that their job? So the Police are saying they are going to continue doing their job. Earth shattering news.

    • Don’t you know that? News headlines anytime public servants actually get around to doing what they get paid to do. Breaking News 1: Nurse administers medicine. Breaking News 2: Police officer writes parking ticket. Breaking News 3: Customs officer inspects package. Breaking News 2: Teacher actually teaches students.
      Welcome to St. Lucia. The land where the mundane becomes extraordinary.

  2. Mr. Desir, Sir, our boarders are the ocean; Are you equip to protect the land from been invaded from illégal or un wanted visitors, and other un wanted goods etc.?

  3. I like the idea of getting Lucians to help fight crime. He needs to come to the Corinth area near windward ilands gas there is a crippled madman terrorizing all of the taxpayersc smh


    Boast not of thyself ‘…Acting Commissioner,’ neither of today or tomorrow, nor of yourself and the rest of the members of the Police Service, that have no control over this particular crime – murder.’

    Even as this comment is being written, few ever know who a person has planned or might be planning or going to kill.’

    Even as dedicated and collective efforts (police/public) shall be made, the unpredictable nature of man has made this virtually impossible.

    Situations often develop, and so too are circumstances that change with rapidity, and very often with deadly consequences.

    This is evident from sudden flare-ups on the streets and communities and more particularly ‘…selected targets for a bullet or two.’

    This is the real world, and these are the harsh realities of life.

    It might be equally as useful in their approach in seeking to curtail criminal activities, if they look closely at (a) …Causation; and (b) …Solution,’ as opposed to ‘…Effects’ and ‘…knee-jerk reaction.’

    He cannot just lay back in an armchair and simply ‘…wait upon information to act upon it.’

    Collaboration is fine, but his is the responsibility to ‘…deploy the right personnel to vigorously seek the desired information.’

    It might serve him well in his public expressions to avoid a likeness to which the Scripture speaks as, ‘…Sounding brass and tinkling cymbal.’

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