Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Cornelia Jacob Responds To Claims She Attempted ‘Domestic Terrorism’

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Cornelia Jacob has responded to claims that she was attempting to sow the seeds of domestic terrorism.

The ruling United Workers Party (UWP) accused her in a press statement.

The statement did not name Jacob.

But  the UWP forwarded screen grabs of social media posts with her name.

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“Dear St. Lucia, House of Parliament is your Capitol Hill!” One of the posts read.

The UWP called on the police to investigate.

The ruling party described the statement as reckless and alarming.

According to the UWP, the Saint Lucia Labour Party operative’s remarks follow constant allusion to violence in the opposition party’s rhetoric.

But Cornelia Jacob, responding to the accusations, said the UWP never ceases to amaze her.

She told Hot 7 TV  News on Friday that the UWP is placing its focus in the wrong place.

“You mean to tell me, among all of the issues we have in this country – politically and otherwise, the United Workers Party will take time to issue a press release demanding or asking, requesting, seeking that the police investigate me for inciting terrorism?”

She asked whether she should take the blame for what the UWP believes or understands regarding her posts.

She questioned whether she now no longer has the freedom to post what she wants.

However, the Vieux Fort resident observed that UWP  ‘operatives and hacks’ can do as they please.

Jacob made reference to what she said was the actual act of terrorism, arson and attempted murder on her life .

She declared that she is still waiting for the ruling party to issue a statement on the matter, as well as the response by a member of its executive.

Hot 7 TV reported that while Jacob is not asking for lives to be lost,  she  believes Saint Lucians need to stand up and  speak out against the injustices taking place in government just as the Americans do.

Headline photo caption: Cornelia Jacob (Image courtesy Hot 7 TV)

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