Coronavirus Vaccines in Phase 3 Trials in the US

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CNN: Three vaccines are now in Phase 3 trials in the US, and the UK has just announced its candidate for a vaccine is in the works.

It may seem like this is taking a while, but experts warn the frustratingly long process is necessary: Several incidents, including a polio vaccine disaster in 1955, show why rushing a vaccine (like people worry the FDA may do) is not only dangerous but erodes public trust in vaccines.

And no, herd immunity isn’t an option, experts say, with one estimating 2 million people could die if the US tried to achieve non-vaccine-aided herd immunity to the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the House Select Subcommittee on Coronavirus published eight weeks’ worth of state reports on the virus from the White House’s task force. They reveal that, while President Trump was painting an optimistic picture of the pandemic fight in July and August, the information he was getting was increasingly dire.

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