Couple Held In Lisbon For Drugs Reportedly Visited Saint Lucia

A couple accused of being couriers for an organised criminal group, visited Saint Lucia last week, according to news reports.

The Mail on Sunday identified the two as Roger Clarke, 72, and his wife Sue, 70.

According to the publication, last week the couple were arrested when their Caribbean cruise ship, the Marco Polo, docked in Lisbon, Portugal.

They are accused of smuggling 20 lb of high-grade cocaine hidden under false bottoms in their suitcases, it said.

The Mail quoted fellow passengers as saying that during the trip, Mr Clarke, whose real name is Roger Button, went ashore at the island of Saint Lucia and returned with four new cases.

“He is said to have boasted of paying £160, compared with the £1,500 they would have cost in Harrods,” it was reported.

The Mail reported that the duo had previously been on at least 16 drug-smuggling trips to Norway in a battered old car.

It said the couple imported cannabis worth £1 million over 15 months.

According to court documents which the newspaper said it had seen, they gave the ‘impression of being an elderly couple on a road trip’.

“Court papers reveal they were recruited by a Costa Blanca-based British criminal in 2003 and paid a total of £33,000 to drive across Europe with the cannabis hidden in a secret compartment in a passenger door of their Nissan,” the Mail on Sunday said.

It reported that eleven of the trips were made from Spain, where they were living at the time, while the other five were from the Netherlands.


  1. Some people act so helpless because of their age, but it is a good sometimes. All individuals and luggage should be thoroughly searched at all times. I had my dirty clothes in a bottom compartment of my bag, and even though a secondary search was done one me and my bags, it was not until I say to the officers that the bottom compartment was not searched that they searched it. Some of these officers need more training.

  2. Saint Lucia is obviously a major transhipment point for cocaine. There is a link between cocaine smuggling and the illegal firearms on our streets.

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