Thursday, February 27, 2020

Court Orders Bexon Cow Thief To Attend Church Every Sunday

A Bexon cow thief was ordered to attend church every Sunday as part of his sentence when he appeared in court.

The man was identified by the Praedial Larceny Unit as Nyim Callender of Marc, Bexon.

According to the unit, on January 17, 2020, its northern team received a report that a cow valued at $4,000 was stolen from a Bexon resident.

Acting on information, officers of the unit arrested Callender, it was reported.

The Praedial Larceny Unit disclosed that on Tuesday, January 21, 2020, he appeared before the First District Court where he pleaded guilty to the charge of praedial larceny.

A unit release said the cow thief was fined $2000.

As part of his sentence he is supposed to report to the Probation Office, attend church every Sunday and take part in sporting activities in his community, according to the release.

In default he will serve six months in prison.

Earlier this month Johnson Pierre of Mongouge, Choiseul was placed on probation for one year for stealing sweet potatoes from his sister in February, 2018.

The stolen goods were valued at $40.00.

Pierre was expected to a drug abuse prevention course and a skills training programme through the probation services while on probation or in default, serve 3 months in prison.



  1. BUBBISH !! That what he should have been sentence to clean up GULLIES. You sending him to church ????? Which Church ??? No magistrate has the right to sentence anyone to attend ” church ” No magistrate has the right to inflict or expose any Citizen of Saint Lucia to a religious belief or place of worship. There is separation of church and state (magistrate) in our constitution boy when you are poor and don’t know your rights in this place you getting the shaft is mi they must try and poppy show.

  2. Would you prefer he got a ‘cut axx’ instead? now I would prefer to send him to a ‘7 days church’. I heard they
    don’t allow drinking and smoking. I believe the guy needs counselling, because to steal a cow takes a lot of guts.What’s wrong with the Judges in St. Lucia; all of them afraid to give them guys a good cocofeff that
    would certainly make these guys to think twice before doing what they’re doing. Cocobeff today & tomorrow.

  3. You read what I said. I said sentence him to clean RUBBISH or GULLIES I never said he should walk free. What I was most pointing out is separation of church and State which is clearly manifested in the constitution……..ahhhhh wasting time with jokers you not on my level. Well read and liked minds please.

    • jackass you dont know if he was sent to a church of his choice you **** smh go get your facts straight and where in the constitution you ever see that?

  4. These old ultra conservative magistrate should be retired. Sentencing him to attend church every Sunday does nothing to help the convict. There are more thieves in the church than outside. Charge or jail the culprit. St. Lucia is fast becoming a strange and very peculiar inhabitance.

    • We need to need to develop better understanding and appreciation to the limitations of the resources of our country, the lack thereof human rehabilitation programmes and how the magistracy is boxed into saving, rehabilitate, or push citizens into a more productive life line instead of criminality.
      I applaud the magistracy for their vision spectrum and I will be very happy if my fellow citizens would consider embracing an appreciation of the intention of some of the sentences, penalties, judgements handed down by our courts.
      This 19 year old Marc cow stealer needed to be placed in a detention facility for rehabilitation and life empowerment skills to propel him into a more productive direction.
      The church might be asking us for too much of our money, but surely they all teaches us good stuffs and I hope Nyhim Callender get him salvation in the church, no matter which one he chooses to go to.

  5. Bexon must be a hub for stolen cows. A farmer in the deep south once recovered his stolen cow on a farm in Bexon. He went there for the recovery with the police. As soon as he arrived on the farm, the cow reacted in a manner that was hilarious, thus proving ownership.

  6. What happened to the cow? was it returned to the owner? If the cow was not recovered, and the fine was only $2,000, then it means that the thief had a net gain of $2,000. By the way, I heard this one many years ago about a man who was caught with a stolen cow in his yard. But the thief was clever, he told the police that he was on his way home from his farm, and he saw a chain laying in the pathway, so he picked it up and took it home; he did not know that a cow was attached to the end of the chain.

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