Court orders halt to demolition of Castries prison

The High Court has ordered a halt to the demolition of the building that housed the Castries prison, granting an injunction in favour of the Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT).

Sunday, Justice Margaret Price-Findlay ordered that continuing demolition  and other works on the property be stopped until further consideration of the application by the SLNT or further order of the High Court.

The ruling came in response to an emergency application for an injunction filed on behalf of the SLNT by Peter I. Foster and Associates.

The application will come up for further consideration on  Thursday, September 13, 2018 at 9.00 am at the High Court of Justice at La Place Carenage, Jeremie Street, Castries, Saint Lucia.

The respondents in the case are the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Infrastructure, Ports, Energy and Labour, the Commissioner of Crown Lands, the Development Control Authority and Cyril Dornelly.

Failure to comply with the order of the court by continuing the demolition of the Castries jail on upper Bridge Street may result in imprisonment for contempt of court.

Just last week the SLNT published an open letter to the Development Control Authority (DCA) calling on it to halt any further works at the site of the prison, including the demolition, until the required applications are submitted, considered and approved;

The letter urged the DCA to take account of the historic significance and structural integrity of the Castries Prison when considering any application to demolish the structure and “require the applicant to produce indicative plans for the redevelopment of the site, to enable meaningful consideration to integrating the prison building and adjacent prisoner burial grounds into the planned project.”


  1. the *** is wrong with that tulsie shut it’s an old ******* jail what you crying over for so many things you need to prevserve u not doing it that u want to make noise for ***wipe.
    we need the space what u think.

  2. This is a desperate move with political collusion. The Trust will lose this case as the cabinet of ministers are the ones who decide. Anyone can file an injunction, it’s whether it will stand pnce the case is heard.

  3. I am with the national trust on a lot of matters but this one is pure and simple BS. Someone is measuring testicles size. Everything this administration is doing or trying to do is opposed by someone, some group or some organization. No matter how sensible or even if it was started but the the previous administration and endorsed by these same entities that are now opposing. Insane!

  4. Why the ******* attempt to stagnate the development of stlucia. This getting reduculous with these people and their political ****

  5. Boy I tell you Lucians are so hypocritical it ain’t funny. The jail was there for more than 10 yrs and they didn’t say **** or anything about what to use it for or transform it into as a matter of fact they totally forgot about it. The place became rodent heaven and even Zorbie town and no one gave a BIG RAT’S *** about it. Now comes a new Government and a P.M with a plan of doing things differently and also doing thing that many didn’t have the balls or minds to do. And all they want to do is oppose this and oppose that just to make the P.M look like an ass by his plans not to go through. Man my people are hopeless. If I was Chastanet I stepping away from Governance and leaving ya’ll country how it is because ya’ll like it so. Poor people begging for hand outs, Step workers cutting grass every 3 months for hand me down monies and even leaving all the grss on the side of the road for rain to wash it back to collect another set of monies to unblock the drains, Poor health care, hospital open next month and nothing to show, Naming a hospital and not opening it because you eh know where the financing coming from, how many schools and no shift system but every year more block heads coming out because the smart P.M build school but eh change the curriculum or even make certain school technical with essential academics and the list goes on we love it so.

    • “….just to make the P.M look like an ass…”

      Partner your PM needs absolutely no help in making himself look like an ASS.

  6. All talk about politics and there’s some really bad weather coming our way and not a word from nemo then a day before will mention it then lucians will be like crabs in a barrel then traffic and supermarket in a mess…..

  7. 1. Who gave the order/directive for demolition of the Royal Gaol?
    2. Which agency or who is paying the contractor hired for the demolition works?
    3. The PM announced plans to demolish the Government Printery and House of Parliament. Is the Royal Gaol site the new location for the Printery and the House of Parliament?
    4. There seems to be an unwritten demolition or wrecking ball policy being implemented in Saint Lucia

  8. It’s time this government stand up and show that they are the government. What the hell is wrong with them. Otherwise let tulsi be prime minister . Y’all letting a Guyanese bully y’all what a joke

    • The man does not have the blood of slaves running through his veins, so it doesn’t affect him.

  9. This government has no BALLS stand up and govern a Guyanese can halt progress and our government is appearing so weak what a shame

    • This discuaaion/argumwnt is way too 43percentish for my participation. Surfice it to say however that the whole prison demolision fiasco is a living testimony that the 2016 election was between the SLP and the Chassneighs. The pronouncement qas made…….

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