COVID-19: Azeez Says Private Sector Looks Forward Protocols Relief

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The Chief Executive Officer of the Saint Lucia Hospitality & Tourism Association (SLHTA) has indicated that the local private sector would like ease in the current COVID-19 protocols.

“I think the greatest relief the private sector looks forward to right now is a cessation of the protocols that we have been having over the past few months,” Azeez, told reporters during an impromptu interview outside parliament.

The Independent Senator explained that this would allow the sector to operate in a more liberal environment.

He noted that Saint Lucia is getting visitors from source destinations opening up more and more every day.

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As a result, Azeez said it is vital for Saint Lucia to position itself to be more competitive when compared to other destinations and offer guests an experience they have come to expect coming out of an environment that is a lot more relaxed.

At the same time, he recalled that the local private sector had requested continued adherence to public safety standards.

But Azeez observed that as an economy and a Small Island Developing State, he feels Saint Lucia has learned sufficiently from its experience with COVID-19 to position itself in a way that allows the country to coexist with the pandemic threat.

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  1. Although I enjoyed going to the Cinema, I resorted to watching pirated movies at home on my smartphone and laptop. As for staycations, I have been doing that at friends homes.
    I can do without them permanently but how long will they last by doing without me.

    • Lol. Certainly on the same page with you. Right now I feel like Captain Jack Sparrow. If cinema think they ever get a cent from me again they lie. Those fancy restaurants that ask for pass? My money will continue to be unvaccinated and they don’t want to be infected by it. So those business will suffer long after this is dropped. We will remember

  2. Well of course the private sector would want protocols to be eased. St Lucians heavily support these business and for you to not be able to enter because you are unvaccinated, and are not even sick, well it simply means you do not need the money. Looking at you Caribbean Cinemas and other restaurants and hotels. So no staycation for locals this year unless vaccinated?

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