Friday, September 30, 2022

COVID-19: Barbados Discontinues Recording Names Of People Entering Business Places

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Barbados has discontinued recording the names and temperatures of people entering business places to facilitate COVID-19 contact tracing.

But in making the announcement, the Ministry of Health and Wellness disclosed that the recordings might continue at the discretion of medical or health care facilities.

And citizens are still required to sanitise their hands when entering a business establishment, a practice the Ministry described as ‘a critical infection prevention and control measure.’

Barbados recorded 171 new COVID-19 cases, 82 males and 89 females, from the 582 tests conducted by the Best-dos Santos Public Health Laboratory on Friday.

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Of the positive cases, 35 persons were under 18, and 136 were 18 years and older.

On Friday, two fully vaccinated women aged 84 and 94 died from the virus.

As of April 15, there were 383 COVID-19-related deaths.

The public health laboratory has conducted 631,288 tests since February 2020, and recorded 64,348 COVID-19 cases (29,699 males and 34,649 females).

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  1. Phock the WHO with their legal obligations and wannabe strong hold on third world nations! …. Just now covid tests won’t be required for anyone traveling anywhere!…. Wait and see! Woiiii smph

  2. The Caribbean Leaders throwing their people to the wolves. This is what this was all about.

    “the WHO is proposing a global pandemic agreement that would give it undemocratic rights over every participating nation and its citizens. Put simply, in the event of a ‘pandemic’, the WHO’s constitution would replace every country’s constitution. Whether your country’s elected government would agree or not, the WHO could impose lockdowns, testing regimes, enforce medical interventions, dictate all public health practice, and much more.”

    • This is scary. No country should give up its citizens to any organisation in that fashion. If you don’t have accountability expect disaster.

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