Thursday, September 29, 2022

COVID-19: CARICOM Chairman Urges Accelerated Vaccinations

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The incoming Chairman of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), declaring that prospects for the region’s recovery amid the COVID-19 pandemic hinge on vaccine acceleration, has observed that vaccination rates remain ‘alarmingly low.’

“The past two years have seen all plans affected by the COVID-19 virus which has caused profound social and economic turmoil. The prospects for our recovery hinge on the urgent acceleration of vaccinations, which remains alarmingly low in our Community,” says Prime Minister John Briceno of Belize.

And the CARICOM Chairman warned that further delay regarding equitable access to vaccines would stress health systems and personnel and delay the region’s economic recovery.

Nevertheless, Briceno noted that throughout the pandemic regional cooperation, collaboration and solidarity have been at the centre of the Community’s national responses.

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He asserted that it was a clear affirmation of the necessity and dividends of regional integration.

The Belize Prime Minister declared that notwithstanding the immense challenges ahead and the inherent risks and vulnerabilities that have always accompanied the region’s existence, the Community possesses the requisite capacities, strategies, and plans, and the will and courage to forge a resilient, prosperous Caribbean Community.

“While responding to the pandemic, we have also been crafting the framework for a regional recovery which aligns with our aspirations for sustainable development and resilience,” he explained.

Briceno observed that the work of the Community’s Special Ministerial Task Force on Food Production and Food Security would be critically important in the coming year, advancing actions to stimulate economic growth and fortifying the region’s food systems against supply chain disruptions.

The Belize PM also stated that the COVID-19 pandemic had underscored the importance of integrating digital technologies into CARICOM’s economic, social, and governance structures.

“Therefore, to spur the digital transformation of our single Caribbean space, we will advance our Regional Digital Development Strategy,” he asserted.

“As we enter this new year, challenges abound both within and outside the Community. But I am confident that with our collective ingenuity, the dynamism and promise of our integration, and our enduring Caribbean resilience our Caribbean civilization will prevail,” the incoming CARICOM Chairman expressed.

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  1. Dude the whole world knows those shots are an abject failure at protecting from the v. The only immunity it provides is to the manufacturers. First it will stop you from getting, giving, ending up in hospital and dying. Then it turned to it will can still get but at a reduced rate than those who didn’t take it. But you won’t end up in hospital and dying. Then it turned to there is no difference whether or not you take the shot you will still get at transmit at the same rate. But you won’t end up in hospital and dying. Now the hospitals are filling. Y’all asking to take booster. Take the same shot that did nothing in the first place.

    You morons misinterpreting people’s compliance as stupidity. Granted there are many stupid people in the world to take these shots without adequate data in the first place. But even these now are seeing through the lies and deceit. You people better start praying to whatever creature y’all pray to that the mob remains quiet. It won’t end well if they decide enough is enough.

  2. brother don’t get fooled, don’t let your ego control your emotions. The vaccine is a pure failure and don’t try to deviate from the facts. I vaccinated person cannot be reinfected by the same virus from a person who is unvaccinated. Right now people are exposing their stupidity beyond and this is certifying for t he school drop outs because you cannot be that literate and then support something that is pure illiterate.

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