COVID-19: CARICOM Leaders To Combat Disinformation Fuelling Vaccine Hesitancy

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Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Heads of Government have noted the challenges in achieving desired levels of COVID-19 vaccination in the Region, agreeing to mount a regional campaign to combat the disinformation that encourages vaccine hesitancy.

A communique at the end of the March 1-2, 2022 Thirty-Third Inter-Sessional Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of community announced the decision.

According to the document, the leaders acknowledged a continued comprehensive response to COVID-19 in the Region.

And they agreed that Member States would continue to support the multi-sectoral and inter-sectoral regional public health response successfully led by the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) supported by the Regional Security System (RSS) and other Regional Institutions.

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They also acknowledged that the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic had required that the Member States re-imagine their development strategies and global economic engagement towards building back better with more sustainable and resilient economies.

 In that regard, they mandated the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) to coordinate the formulation of a regional resource mobilization strategy to raise the funding required to drive the economic recovery programme.

In addition, Heads of Government stressed the need to continue public health measures including masks, testing, isolation, and quarantine and supported CARPHA’s recommendations for safe and sustainable air and sea travel to protect the Region.

They also agreed to explore a regional strategy for manufacturing vaccines in the Region.

Late last month, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) disclosed that of the 13 countries and territories in the Americas that have not yet reached the World Health Organization’s 2021 goal of 40% vaccination coverage, ten are in the Caribbean.

PAHO’s Director, Dr. Carissa F. Etienne, said vaccine hesitancy, a lack of vaccination centers in remote areas, insufficient staff numbers, and limited cold-chain infrastructure remain considerable barriers to vaccination in many islands.

But Etienne said the tools are now available “to turn the tide on vaccinations in the Caribbean.”

“Dialogue, trust and outreach are the tools we must rely on to get more vaccines into arms and ultimately save lives,” the Director said.

And the Dominica-born Public Health Specialist appealed to Caribbean people to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

“ As a doctor from the Caribbean who has dedicated her life to public health, the best decision you can make for your health right now is to get a vaccine against COVID,” she urged.

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  1. Lol Caricom. I just ain’t gonna take it. It’s my choice, and I just won’t take it. I know you really want me to, because you care about my well being sooo much, but I just don’t want to take it lol. Never will. Just got off the toilet, didn’t wipe, you can kiss my messy hole.

  2. We are not vaccine hesitant. We as a people have always taken vaccines. But as is now well known, this injection is not a vaccine. It has done to many the world over, more harm than good. It is still in the experimental phase and therefore not approved by the FDA. We are not animals, why then should we subject ourselves to forced medical experimentation? The introduction of this kill shot was marred by lies and disinformation by the vaccine manufacturers and world leaders; first, the vaccine was 90% efficacious then it turned out to be only about 2% effective against the virus. And now to only preventing major illness. However, in many cases it has caused major illness and even led to millions of serious injuries and even death. Caribbean leaders should understand that we are an intelligent set of people who can now find the information wherever it may be. We have always been taught that the world is now at our fingertips and I must add, information also. We can therefore discern what is right from wrong.

    The world is now moving on; living with Covid is now the buzzword. Why then should we be encouraged to take that kill shot when Omicron has vaccinated us all and has certainly done a far better job than the so-called vaccine. Our leaders should open their eyes to the new reality and stop acting as stooges and puppets. There is no need for that prick!!! Let’s instead focus our attention on the silent killer- cancer. In 2020/ 21 St. Lucia had far more persons dying from cancer than Covid. In excess of 1200 if my memory serves me right. Let’s tackle it head on with the same vigor the some in authority did for Covid. This campaign will certainly be more beneficial to us as a people.

  3. Very impressive!

    Have Caricom leaders finally leveraged their power over big Pharma for compelling Pfizer to immediately release their “vaccine” test data, instead of keeping it secret for 75 years; when victims of adverse effects & their relatives would have already died?

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