COVID-19: Chastanet Says Full Opening Of Schools Irresponsible

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet took issue with the recent re-opening of schools in a post on his official Facebook page but  welcomed an adjustment announced by the Ministry of Education.

“We will always oppose responsibly, with the best interest of Saint Lucia in mind and at heart. The full opening of schools amidst this tsumani of COVID cases was absolutely irresponsible, especially given the lack of consultation of key stakeholders such as the Teachers Union. Thankfully they have heard your cries,” the former Prime Minister said.

Chastanet’s comments came hours after the Ministry of Education announced that based on recent stakeholder engagements and consultation, it decided to suspend classes for Thursday, January 20, 2022, and Friday, January 21, 2022.

The Ministry also stated that during the week of Monday, January 24, 2022, to Friday, January 28, 2022, face-to-face instruction will continue for Early Childhood Education Centres, Grade 6 students, Form 5 students, and Vocational and Tertiary Institutions.

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“All other groupings will revert to the Distributed Learning Approach as per the Continuity of Learning Plan,” it stated.

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  1. @Suzanne. What I dislike is how this man thinks he can bamboozle people. If the directive was for everyone to stay home, chastenet would be “they are trampling on the rights of citizens. Why can’t we enjoy Christmas?” And @V for vendetta, yes it is the same jackass😁.

  2. Wasn’t this the Chas who hurriedly opened schools last year 2021 during a spike….only to close days …fricking days later. I swear you all politicans are scumbags of the universe!

  3. @ Crow, by all the comments you’ve posted tells me there’s a lot of hatred in you heart for Chastenet, that’s too much hatred, that’s not good for the Heart, Mind and Soul.
    Don’t strain the heart muscles and blood pressure, the outcome is not favorable.

    Chas is happy where he is.

  4. Schools are easy target for politicians. The ministry was supposed to put heath/safety systems in place to actively monitor for symptoms and protect students/teachers. We keep businesses open with some guidelines/restrictions to protect livelihood and keep economy going. At least the ministry could be creative with scheduling to reduce class size and give every student the opportunity to access learning and benefits of face-to- face instruction for part of the week Also students get their social and emotional learning in the school house There is no evidence to support students are safer at home. The adults need to assume personal responsibility for health to protect the children and elderly. I am sorry the remote learning does not cut it. In the decision making not only the union but parents, medical , business and community organizations need to be part of this decision making process.

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