COVID-19: CMO Makes Safety Appeal Amid School Reopening

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As the second school term commences, Saint Lucia’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr. Sharon Belmar-George has appealed to all stakeholders to ensure a safe environment for sustainable school reopening.

Belmar-George spoke against the backdrop of a sharp COVID spike.

Last week, Chief Education Officer Dr. Fiona Philip-Mayer announced that face-to-face education in Saint Lucia would continue.

And in a statement on Monday, the CMO reminded bus drivers to ensure the implementation of all recommended measures.

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In this regard, Belmar-George outlined several school-specific guidelines.

Belmar-George also disclosed that contract tracing data revealed that the primary transmission sources included large beach parties and boat rides, public bars, and private parties and events, and large family gatherings.

Belmar-George also disclosed that since Saint Lucia’s 5th COVID-19 wave began on December 16, the country had diagnosed 1967 cases with an average of 82 per day.

Here complete statement appears below:

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  1. Why shoot the messenger, the message remains the same; you either agree with what the message is about or not.
    I don’t eat Pork because ‘I THINK’ it is an unclean animal – I don’t hate Pigs, they are cute.
    I took both Vaccines, now waiting for the Booster shot, and all members of the family – never felt better. Do I hate my Doctor or the pretty nurse who jabbed me, no.
    Let’s be real, this is not a Dictatorship, as bad as it is, we still have a semblance of freedom, You don’t want the shot, don’t blame anyone when reality sets in.
    The Grim Reaper is given orders to go out and REAP. old and young, black or white.(I pray daily for my friends and relatives, God is still in the Business to answer prayer ask, and you shat receive, trust Him and obey)

  2. Sherwayne and Stats are wrong, you are very correct. The government can not meet the demands of online learning hence they had to reopen school despite the surge in covid numbers. To those on charge stop it, no school is not the safest place for my child especially now that the numbers are soaring. With my child in school it means her chances of exposure to covid is how many times higher than when she is at home. Also very difficult to keep a mask on all day in those hot, poorly ventilated schools, after all we live in the Caribbean where it’s very hot.

  3. Whatever happen to the laptop program for remote learning. Clearly see there is no online school program at hand.

  4. Slp always put st lucia in a mess the hacks will not come and insult the cmo..these people are demonic no manners..I have some in laborie looking at them calling the cmo all names very disrespectful for the sake of politics..

  5. The justification for the reopening of schools is absurd and unfounded. It was stated from the report of the meeting with all stakeholders (excluding the SLTU) that the rate of infection of student staying at home and being at school is the same (10-11%). Students has never being at school during the a spike of the virus. Never! So if the rate of infection of students at home during the spike is equal to the rate of infection of student during low period of the virus, can you imagine what will be the rate of infection of students at school during a wave?

  6. Totalitarianism is characterized by processes of large scale mass formation. Four conditions are needed for large scale mass formation:

    1. A large amount of people must feel alone and isolated.
    2. Their lives must feel pointless and meaningless.
    3. There must be high levels of free floating anxiety, and
    4. There must be high levels of free-floating frustration and aggression.

    *If under these conditions a narrative is distributed through the mass media which indicates an object of anxiety and provides a strategy to deal with this object of anxiety, then all the free floating anxiety might be associated to this object and a huge willingness might be observed to participate in the strategy to deal with the object of anxiety.

    • At the same time, the field of attention gets narrower until it only contains the part of reality that is indicated by the narrative and people lose their capacity to take into account the other aspects of reality (what makes them often utterly irrational).

  7. 82 cases a day 22 in hospital. The rate of increase in hospitalisation is insignificant. I thought it was now about preventing hospitalisaions? Now no one is ending up in hospital yet some more fear porn.

  8. I notice all the SLP hacks who were being paid to insult the CMO and her family for no reason are now quiet. It is now so clear and obvious that politics was the main aim. Where are the hacks and the paid people. I am happy that you’ll realize that you’ll are dealing with a high level professional here.

  9. We can take the horse to the well but can’t make it drink. People don’t trust the science so let them see for them selves.

  10. Definitely something is not right in st lucia cmo last year the numbers was lower school was the numbers are over the roof school open..although we have to learn how to live with covid19

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