COVID-19: CMO Stresses Personal Responsibility As Cases Increase

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Amid an increase in COVID-19 cases, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Sharon Belmar-George has underscored the need for individuals to take personal responsibility for reducing infection.

She reminded the public that the threat of COVID-19, long COVID and its complications still exists, especially given Saint Lucia’s below-average immunisation rate.

As a result, the CMO declared that personal responsibility was ‘extremely important’.

As of May 8th, 2022, Saint Lucia had diagnosed 23,778 COVID-19 cases, 352 of which are currently active.

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And according to the CMO, the daily infection rate for the last seven days is 25.1 per 100 000 population per day, representing an 88% increase from last week, with a 16% average testing positivity rate and a transmission rate of 1.9.

Saint Lucia has also recorded 368 COVID- 19 deaths and has ten positive COVID-19 cases admitted to the Respiratory Hospital.

Belmar-George disclosed that the Ministry of Health recently received new gene sequencing results from the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA), indicating the presence of both the Omicron BA1 and BA2 Lineages.

” The Omicron Variant BA1, which has been circulating since February 2022, was confirmed in 1 of the samples sequenced, and 16 cases of the Omicron BA2 Variant and 1 BA2.1.,” she observed.

All of the samples are from locals, 61% being male and 44% hailing from the southern part of the island.

The CMO’s complete address appears below:

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  1. Of course now that they want revenue from their various fetes and business the onous is on the population to take personal responsibility. Where was that sentiment when y’all was mandating vaccines and when some lost jobs due to their personal right to exercise autonomy over their bodies? Right.
    Just like many other diseases covid is here to stay. People cannot live in a state of protocols forever. It’s not condusive to business and I dare to mental health and wellness overall, having to live ina state of heightened awareness all the time. People need to be responsible for themselves in this regard. If people want to party and go to Friday night, then it’s their right and choice. They have to take into account the risks and rewards.

  2. The government allow and is encouraged social activities. It is people responsibility to follow protocols. I hope when cases start to rise exponentially that restrictions are not forced on me. Hope the ministry of health does not come crying saying not enough beds like the last time. Learn to deal with COVID. You do not encourage something and punish the entire population for the greed of money.

  3. Its getting worst. So why Gros_Islet Friday night was endorsed in a covid 19 pandemic, this is crazy and irresponsible on the part of the government. There have been many boatrides and large parties taking place. When ppl start to die like flies thats when things will be taken seriously. I am afraid to see what is coming our way.

    • People aren’t dying like flies. Never did. The authorities terrified us with that prospect to lock us up and take away our God given rights. They said bodies would pile up in the streets. I never saw that. Did you? You know who died? Old people. And already sick people. You know who died before this. Old people. And already sick people.

      Did you trust these authorities before covid? Did you feel super confident going to any of our hospitals before this? Why are you trusting those same authorities now when you didn’t before? Especially when everything they said about covid has been proven wrong. I can tell you why you believe them but you won’t accept. Your mind is easily subject to manipulation. Particularly using fear.

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