COVID-19: Concern That BA.5 Spread In Saint Lucia Could Herald 7th Wave

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Saint Lucia’s Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs is concerned over the diagnosis of the Island’s first case of the BA.5 variant of COVID-19 involving a woman with no travel history, signalling transmission of the variant within the community.

Recently Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Sharon Belmar-George announced that the infected individual is a 36-year-old female from Vieux Fort.

“This suggests in-country transmission of BA5 and the presence of other cases,” Belmar-George explained.

Medical Officer of Health Dr. Glensford Joseph disclosed that the infected individual is young, vibrant, and active.

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And in expressing concern about the positive diagnosis, Joseph told Good Morning Saint Lucia on Hot 7 Television that Saint Lucia is emerging from its sixth COVID-19 wave.

“We do have relaxation of many of the protocols as we try to balance the public health and the economy but we recognise that BA.5 is more transmissible the the other COVID-19 variants that we would have seen so far,” Joseph noted.

The senior medical official said health authorities continue to reach out to identify any other BA.5 cases.

He said that the virus affects people vaccinated against COVID-19 and persons who had COVID-19 in the past with some level of natural immunity due to infection.

“Hence it is of concern to us that if we have a significant spread of this BA.5 then we could be heading into the seventh wave knowing that we are having so many mass crowd activities on Island,” Joseph told programme Host Shannon Lebourne.

Global Health authorities say BA.5 to date is the most easily transmissible COVID variant, evading previous immunity from COVID infection and vaccination.

The symptoms of BA.5 are similar to previous COVID variants, including fever, runny nose, coughing, sore throat, headaches, muscle pain, and fatigue.

According to reports, officials estimate that the fast-spreading virus accounted for 65% of the coronavirus variants in the United States as of last week.

Headline photo: Dr. Glensford Joseph (Stock image)


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  3. The most dangerous influenza pandemics up until now lasted 2 years. No lockdowns, no vaccines, no masks. We’re approaching 3 with this far milder “pandemic”. Wonder what could be driving it? Oh I know. Renowned vaccinologist, Geert Vanden Bossche, warned 2 years ago NOT to vaccinate in this midst of a pandemic with a treatment that does not sterilise the virus. In other words kill it off. Such an action would lead to evolutionary pressures on the virus and increased mutations. Robert Malone, lead scientist and one of the key developers of the mRNA technology used in the “vaccines” advised of the same. The Great Barrington Declaration penned by “fringe” epidemiologists proposed a much better approach to managing this pandemic. One that would’ve seen this end by now because the mass of the population would’ve had heard immunity by now. All of these were ignored. Yet here we are.

    You know what those scientists also warned of. VAIDS. Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and Antibody Dependency Enhancement. We’re already seeing those countries that are highly juiced seeing the vast majority of infections and deaths in the population who took these shots. Just as they predicted. They also predicted many of those people will eventually succumb to more simple infections they would’ve been able to deal with otherwise. Now we’re hearing about SADS. I feel sorry for you people who gave into the hysteria. For a disease with a fatality rate of the average flu.

    The authorities clearly has been getting it wrong for the past 2 years. It is not incompetence at this point. It could only be enemy action. Those people should not be allowed to drag the human population down with their sinister agenda.


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