Wednesday, August 10, 2022

COVID-19 Concerns Force Postponement Of Miss World Final

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Health and safety concerns relating to COVID-19 have resulted in the postponement of the Miss World final in Puerto Rico.

Although the organisers did not reveal the figures, the publication El Nuevo Dia reported that State epidemiologist, Dr. Melissa Marzán Rodríguez, told a news conference that there were 38 positive cases in total – 23 candidates and 15 support staff.

The event organisers announced the postponement in a press release Thursday. However, they disclosed that they would reschedule the finale at Puerto Rico’s Coliseum Miguel Agrelot within the next ninety days.

According to the press release, the decision followed a meeting with the virologists and medical experts overseeing the Miss World 2021 event and a discussion with the Puerto Rico Health Department.

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“As of yesterday, additional safety measures were implemented in the best interest of the contestants, production team and spectators, understanding the event increased risks on the stage and in the dressing room. However, after additional positive cases were confirmed this morning after consulting with health officials and experts, the postponement decision was made,” the release stated.

According to the medical experts, the next step is immediate quarantine, pending observation, and further testing according to best practices.

When health officials and advisors provide clearance, contestants and staff will return to their home countries.

Although the contest officially began on November 21 and developed a series of events since then, the coronation night was this Thursday, December 16.

The current Miss World is Toni-Ann Singh of Jamaica .

 Saint Lucia contestant Tyler Theophane was to compete for the title at the Puerto Rico event among participants from over 100 countries.

The National Television Network had promised to carry the event live and urged Saint Lucians to tune in.


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  1. Agreed. By what criteria do they judge the swim wear section? Who has the biggest bootie and cootchie? So shallow.

  2. Not Interested- I was thinking the same. What’s the point of this crap? If you follow the money behind those events, you will realize the real benefactors – large companies and cartel non-profit foundations. All the “famous” winners of those pageants, where are they now? What do they do now? The attention given to this in Saint Lucia could have been channeled into other activities like sports. Our young Olympians ( swimmers sailors track and field athletes etc) in my opinion have represented us way better and they deserve all the cocktails, wine-mixers and tuxedo events that these lame beauty pageants in Saint Lucia.

  3. These events should be banned already. I’m not seeing the purpose of these pageants. When last a Miss World or Miss Universe make an appearance in St Lucia or the neibourung islands speaking of her causes? This is another money making event for the reach companies. Brainwashing women and making them believe that it is about empowerment by trying to look and reach perfection . Really!!

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