Thursday, September 29, 2022

COVID-19: CTO Hails Caribbean Tourism Comeback

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The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) says that regional tourism is on the road to recovery from the impact of COVID-19.

“One of the very positive signs of recovery is that as the markets reopen, the region is welcoming an increasing number of flights,” the CTO observed in a message to mark November as Caribbean Tourism Month.

According to the regional body, the flights included direct service to destinations that  either never had such service before or have not had direct service for several years.

This year’s theme for Caribbean Tourism Month is ‘Caribbean Comeback’.

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“It’s a theme that illustrates that as a region, we are on our way back from the devastating impact of the pandemic. Our member countries have worked tirelessly over the past 19 months to adapt to the ever-evolving environment thrust upon us by the pandemic,” the CTO asserted.

The organisation observed that its member countries had implemented various initiatives and stringent protocols to ensure post-Covid competitiveness and rebuild confidence in the sector.

In this regard, the CTO disclosed that in the third quarter, some member destinations recorded arrival numbers that rivalled, and in some instances, surpassed, the corresponding months in 2019.

But the CTO noted that this by no means suggests that the region is back to the pre-pandemic record numbers.

“We remain fully aware of how quickly things can change with this virus. But it’s an encouraging sign that the Caribbean comeback is on,” the organisation declared.

The CTO and its members have planned several social media activities in observance of Caribbean Tourism Month, including a #CaribbeanComeback campaign.

In addition, the CTO announced that 2022 would be the year of wellness in the Caribbean.

As a result, CTO member countries are offering the Caribbean as a place to come back to for health, as people grapple with the mental and physical effects of COVID-19.

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