Thursday, September 29, 2022

COVID-19: Dying Gros Islet Bus Driver Appealed To Colleagues To Get Vaccinated

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Gros Islet bus driver Thomas St Louis who succumbed to COVID-19 on Tuesday morning appealed to his colleagues to get vaccinated, the President of the Gros Islet Minibus Association, Danny Edward, has disclosed.

Edward said before St Louis, who was unvaccinated,  passed away, he posted in a social media group chat an appeal to all drivers to get the COVID-19 jab.

Edward said he had begged his deceased colleague to get vaccinated.

“I tried everything – he was just not interested. He was one of those saying that he was going to wait,” the Gros Islet Minibus Association President told St Lucia Times.

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“His last text before he passed away was asking all bus drivers to live well with everyone and please get vaccinated, because if he had taken the vaccine that would maybe have saved his life -that was his last message to us in the group chat,” Edward said, adding that the message was posted on the day before St Louis died.

In addition, the Gros Islet Minibus Association President said that St Louis sent him a personal message on Monday at 7:00 p.m. to say that he was dying.

Edward appealed to bus drivers to get vaccinated and follow the COVID-19 protocols.

“Bus drivers are frontline workers – they come in contact with hundreds of passengers on a daily basis – they need to be vaccinated, that’s what I can say to them,” he asserted.

He also appealed to members of the public to get vaccinated.

Headline file photo of Thomas St Louis


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