Thursday, September 29, 2022

COVID-19: Edward Stresses Importance Of Returning To Face-To-Face Schooling

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Education Minister Shawn Edward has cited the ineffectiveness of online learning in advocating face-to-face schooling.

“The online learning platform is there – that is what we have to use for the time being, but it has proved to be a very ineffective modality,” he told reporters on the sidelines of Tuesday’s sitting of parliament.

“But it’s the best we can do, and it is for this reason I have been advocating for our children to be back at school,’ Edward explained.

“We have to learn to live with COVID,” the Minister declared.

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Edward recalled that against the wishes of the Saint Lucia Teachers Union (SLTU), schools reopened on January 10, but the country reverted to online learning three days later.

Asked about a timeline for the resumption of in-person classes, the Minister said the dynamics on the ground regarding COVID-19 management would influence the decision.

“I am on the record as stating that I believe that our children should be in school for face to face instruction as much as possible,” he stated.

“Our students have been at home for the better part of a week and a half, two weeks now and for me I can’t wait for them to be back in school for face-to-face instruction because I believe this is the best modality as far as instruction is concerned. I have stated before a number of reasons why I believe our students should be in school, but of course we are operating in an environment that has been induced by a pandemic but I am very confident that in the coming days our children will be back in school,” Edward told reporters.

“I have absolutely no difficulty whatsoever making a decision today and having to pull back the day after. What is important for me is having our children in school where they can interface with their teachers. This is the most effective modality. This is the most effective form of instruction there is, and our position is strengthened by the fact that when they are at home, they do not have the level of parental supervision required,’ the Minister explained.

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  1. What a difference a year makes. Shawn was clamouring to close schools along with Jadia last year about this time. He said that the government should provide students with laptops and revert to online learning. Today he claims that it is ineffective. Currently at the ministry of education there are over 4000 ebooks that could be given to students. What do you plan to do with them? I suppose if they are distributed then that would be a feather in the cap of the last government, so they will remain there until they become obsolete.
    I’m all for face to face but not at the expense of rejuvenating the fifth wave.

  2. Mr Edwards has to face the FACT that adults (teachers, principals, caregivers, and other school attendants) are also at risk for contracting covid from an infected child.

    “The online learning platform is there – that is what we have to use for the time being, but it has proved to be a very ineffective modality,” … This just goes to show, this administration was NOT prepared for online learning strategies for students. The telecommunications companies, foreign affairs ministry with the embassies, should be made to assist with the proper and required internet services and laptop devices for the children of the country. That is what politician/ministers are there for … TO SERVE!!

    Unfortunately, the SLP are living in, and are being mandated by their own “bubble”, instead of seeking out strategies from other countries and/or entities. They should realise they are unable to do everything themselves.

    Sorry Mr Edwards, this administration claims they are there for the people … but you all are failing miserably.

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