Wednesday, September 28, 2022

COVID-19 Ethics

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by Dr. Charles Greenidge

In a situation where citizens are misbehaving it is desirable to attain control by not complaining, criticizing or being punitive, but to simply state what behavior is needed and to educate persons as to why good behavior is important.

How are the resources to be shared when there is greater demand than supply, when the system is overwhelmed? Do persons understand that there may be no treatment available if they or a loved one gets COVID-19? Even before the health system has collapsed we do not have all the available treatments for COVID-19 in St. Lucia as they are simply too expensive.

A person who gets COVID-19 because they flaunted the protocols and/or did not vaccinate and then passed on that infection should take responsibility for their action.

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Persons breaking isolation or qurantine must take responsibility for their actions when they then cause an outbreak.

If someone shoots another in the head or if a HIV-positive individual has unprotected sex these are criminal offenses. A person with COVID-19 is potentially a lethal weapon. St Lucians, your actions will have consequences.

COVID-19, this too shall pass but the effect it will have on us will depend on how we all act and it will be long lasting. We are in a crisis situation and we need to be in crisis mode. We need to have restraint. COVID-19 may be a lethal virus but what is really killing us is our response.

Please St Lucians, I challenge you to reduce our COVID-19 cases to zero. Listen to the CMO. Follow the protocols and get vaccinated.

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