COVID-19: Freedom Coalition Pens Open Letter To Pierre

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Saint Lucia’s Freedom Coalition has penned a letter to Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, asserting that his recent COVID-19 diagnosis should serve as personal confirmation that the ‘so-called’ vaccine is far from being safe and effective.

The February 10, 2022 letter, copied to Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs Minisre Moses Jn Baptiste appears below:

Dear Prime Minister,

We take this opportunity to wish you and your administration all the best as you grapple with the financial, economic, and social challenges as a result of the Covid-19 “Pandemic”.  

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 Like you we wish to see the back of this “pandemic” so life can return to normal in our country. However, we are concerned that despite growing evidence to the contrary, you believe that St. Lucia can vaccinate itself out of this pandemic.  In a Press Conference on January 19th  2022, you stated that “There are only two measures you can take to create a uptake in vaccination.”  These two measures according to you are “moral suasion or Mandate vaccination.”  We are concerned that you and by extension your cabinet of ministers are being misled by the medical professionals who continue to insist on a “one size fits all approach” in dealing with Covid-19 under the pretext of “following the science.”

 The recent Press Statement from the “Office of The Prime Minister” informing that you had tested positive for the virus should serve as personal confirmation that this so called “vaccine” with which you have been triple “vaccinated” is woefully far from being “safe and effective” as has been repeatedly touted by the powers that be.  This development will only erode confidence among St. Lucians as to the efficacy of this injection.

Here are a few reasons why their claim for “following the science is seriously flawed:

  1. The “vaccine” is not as “safe and effective” as was claimed and this is evidenced by the statistically significantly number of individuals worldwide who have suffered major adverse effects after taking the “vaccine as well as the fact that these “vaccines” are still under “Emergency Use Authorization”. This means that we are all experimental subjects or similar to lab rats.
  2. The reluctance or refusal of the Ministry of Health to acknowledge the number of adverse effects suffered by St. Lucians who have taken the “vaccine”
  3. The ignoring of the significance of “natural immunity” developed by persons who have been infected with Covid-19 which according to studies in Israel and recently confirmed by the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) in the USA is significantly stronger than that offered by the “vaccines” 4. The outrageous decision by Pfizer and the FDA not to release the results of the clinical trials until 2097. Where is the transparency?

Freedom Coalition SLU

  1. The ignoring of information and data from fully or almost countries such as Israel, Australia, England, Canada, Gibraltar, etc. indicating significant increases in the number of vaccinated individuals who are contracting and spreading Covid
  2. The rolling back of Covid protocols in England, Denmark, and other parts of Europe, including discarding of Covid-19 certificates or cards, while St. Lucia is promoting a Covid-!9 Digi-card. So ridiculous!
  3. The reported sharp increase in Covid-19 cases in St. Lucia is definitely overstated given the declaration by the CDC that the current testing regime cannot differentiate between Covid-19 cases and the flu.

Notwithstanding the reported sharp increase in Covid-19 cases in St Lucia it is important to note that there has not been an uptick in hospitalizations and deaths. We may be approaching “herd immunity”  

The thinly veiled “threat” of “Mandatory Vaccination” is unlikely to result in significant uptake in the rate of vaccination.  St. Lucians have done and continue to do their research as they have been advised to by the medical establishment and the government. 

Here is what they do not like: 

  1. The fact that alternative but critical information about Covid and its treatment is being supressed by the mainstream media, as well as the fact that the information they have gathered doing their research is referred to as “Fake information” by the powers that be”
  2. The fact that these so called “vaccines” still under Emergency Use Authorization are being threatened to be administered to them and their children without their “Informed Consent” which is a violation of the Nuremberg Code
  3. The fact that the Imposition of “Mandatory Vaccination” by a Prime Minister who made a solemn promise not to do so will result in ‘Medical Apartheid” and division among the populace.

Notwithstanding the above the medical professionals continue to advise you and by extension the Minister of Health into taking measures that are not likely to resolve the Covid-19 crisis we face as a nation.  By now it is abundantly clear that the “vaccines” do not prevent those who have received it from contracting the disease and spreading the Covid-19 virus.  Where is the backup plan? And very importantly, we do not know what the long-term effect of taking so many “vaccines” will have on the human body. Many medical professionals are raising the alarm about this.

The Freedom Coalition SLU urges you to consider other options and to consult with open minded medical professionals who do not have a legacy to protect and are willing to examine all evidence in an objective and impartial manner instead of following a flawed Covid policy of vaccination. Prime Minister, you need to consider alternative approaches to deal with this “Pandemic”.  

Prime Minister we urge you not to follow in the footsteps of the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who instead of engaging with the truckers and distinguished medical officials and scientists in negotiations aimed at finding an amicable solution to the current impasse, has chosen instead to vilify Canadians who are exercising their constitutional rights. It is likely that his inflexible and arrogant approach will lead to his downfall.

Freedom Coalition SLU

The Freedom Coalition SLU proposes a third option as follows:

  • We accept Covid as a reality (an annual influenza as a growing number of countries are doing) and deal with it. Get rid of the fear, uncertainty, and stress that our citizens have been subjected to over the past two years
  • Discard unnecessary protocols that frustrate the people that prevents them from returning to living a normal life.
  • Make antioxidants and other healthcare supplements available as well as information for counteracting the ill effects of the virus.
  • Encourage and support activities that will generate income for families and improve the economy of the island. These should include widespread training with sessions on responsible consumption, work ethics, simple money management courses, home economics and maintenance of healthy eating habits and hygiene,

God forbid that there is a serious outbreak of Covid (perhaps by a new “’variant”) which overwhelms our medical system and results in a significant number of deaths. If this should come to pass it will not be due the unvaccinated but rather to those who decided to “Follow the science” of the WHO, CDC, FDA and the greedy pharmaceutical companies. 

Prime Minister, a decision to impose “Mandatory Vaccination” contrary to the solemn promises you made to the electorate that you would not is a serious political miscalculation. It is high time you seriously consider the quality of advice you get from the medical establishment and make the changes you need to protect your political legacy. St. Lucians are watching.  We urge you to proceed with caution. 


Freedom Coalition SLU


Fremont Lawrence, President. 

Cc. Hon. Moses Jn Baptiste, Minister of Health.



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  1. I try not to let the depth of my pessimism out too often but I must say that the road ahead looks very bleak for unvaccinated people. It’s been reported that the infection with the Delta variant produces virus amount in the airways that are tenfold higher than what is seen in people infected with the Alpha variant, which is highly contagious. The Omicron variant is reported to be ten times more contagious than the Delta variant. One study concluded that people who were not fully vaccinated were far more susceptible to infection and death from the virus. Those individuals were 4.5 times more likely than vaccinated individuals to become infected, 10 times more likely to be hospitalized, and 11 times more likely to die from coronavirus. The study also found that vaccine protection against hospitalization and death remained strong even when the Delta or Omicron variant was the dominant form of infection.

    Meanwhile, the rhetoric of freedom that is being asserted by the “Freedom Coalition” is all about privilege. The privilege to act with disdain and scorn towards others in a society that is facing a deadly and debilitating disease. The unchecked spread of infection has consequences for the entire society.

    With so many unknowns about the coronavirus, it is time for Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre to stop being diffident and institute a vaccine mandate. Vaccination isn’t a personal decision; it’s a public healthcare decision necessary to safeguard the wellbeing of the citizenry.

  2. From day one this lie about this so called “vaccine” have being promoted by those who end to gain from it. This so called “vaccine” was never needed but the CMO and other medical professionals who claim to follow the science have listen to the lies of CDC, FDA, WHO who have change their words about this plandemic more times than you can count, yet there are some fools who believe that they really care about our health or more so, that this charade was about our health. If this so called “vaccine” is safe and effective as Pfizer claims, why is the FDA refusing to release the data involved in the approval of those death shots. I firmly support everyone who have refused to inject this poison into their body and urge the Prime Minister to tread softly and think hard before he venture into this nonsensical direction of mandating this poison.

  3. Meanwhile, it seems the censors are having a hard time clearing my original compliments to the author of this open letter, as well as my criticism of the self-same letter in the same post.

    Stop the censoring, already!

  4. @The Fox: The more you type in this thread, the more you reveal your inner charlatan!

    I see what you wrote to “Just saying”, so tell us how this,

    “Fox the only thing you need to do here is FOLLOW THE MONEY. If you look at this from a health perspective you will be confused and realised everything those governments have done is contrary to their own pandemic guidelines and science. If you look at it as a money grab then perspective becomes much clearer”

    was transcribed to this:

    “What you are saying is that international Governments are in cohort with the manufacturers to rail in as much money as possible, at the expense of the tax payers; so this ‘Pandemic’ never existed, people never get sick, no one dies of Covid – but just ‘follow the money’ and all will be well, no problem – well thank you Mr. Super Genius, you should write a book and follow the money”

    More and more pathetic! Like I said, a charlatan exposed!

  5. @ Just saying:- What you are saying is that international Governments are in cohort with the manufacturers to rail in as much money as possible, at the expense of the tax payers; so this ‘Pandemic’ never existed, people never get sick, no one dies of Covid – but just ‘follow the money’ and all will be well, no problem – well thank you Mr. Super Genius, you should write a book and follow the money.

    @nudge:- in time, we shall see who is really ‘Pathetic’ – I do pray, no apology necessary.

  6. Kudos to the Freedom Coalition! This is the ultimately professional communication which was expected from the CMO & the SLMDA, in response to the pandemic. Instead, all we’ve got from them is a regurgitation of the pablum they greedily swallowed from Big Pharma and their well-placed minions in the official public health bureaucracies around the globe.

    There are 2 constructive criticisms I would like to make, however.

    1. This letter is addressed to a political class whose ascension to national prominence is based on the premise that they are marginally better than a woefully corrupt and incompetent former administration. Let’s analyze the situation carefully: They’ve wholly endorsed the same medical authorities which existed in the time of the former administration. Do you think there will be a different outcome than what has been so far obtained? I’ll tell you what their response will be: “tl:dr” (too long: didn’t read!). Reason? No supporting evidence (via footnotes & links) for the great points raised in the open letter.

    2. The letter fails to reveal the reason why most western governments (including our own) are still harping on the “vaccine, vaccine, vaccine” mantra, despite the fact that what they’re forcing on their citizens is not a vaccine: It does not prevent the jabbed from contracting Covid-19; and it does not prevent the jabbed from spreading Covid-19.

    The goal of 100% vaccination rate serves one purpose only; to provide cover for Big Pharma.

    How? By eliminating the only control group remaining – the unvaccinated.

    You see, if a lot of ailments present in the vaccinated, but not in the un-vaccinated, that would be clear proof that the “vaccine” was the cause. So Big Pharma’s goal is to vaccinate everyone, just like they did to all the test control groups, when adverse effects were observed in the vaccinated group (you now see why they are fighting to keep “vaccine” test data secret till 2097).

    Big Pharma is now resigned to the fact that 100% vaccination will never be achieved, so when a lot of ailments start to show in the vaccinated, they will need a new disease to blame them on: enter the new HIV variant!

  7. Fox the only thing you need to do here is FOLLOW THE MONEY. If you look at this from a health perspective you will be confused and realised everything those governments have done is contrary to their own pandemic guidelines and science. If you look at it as a money grab then perspective becomes much clearer.

  8. Fox the only science you’re following is political science. You’re a victim of Mass Formation Psychosis. Obviously you will say you aren’t but that’s the beauty of this manipulation. You won’t know.

  9. Thank you nudge for making fun of a man whose faith is in God. Now laugh at this – my grand daughter from one son has been admitted to Law School and is choosing one of the best of the lot; an other daughter of my first son is admitted to Med school to be a Doctor, One grand son is in Engineering, and I’ m willing to help out with any financing required. The good Lord have blessed this poor lad from the CDC not only in career but to have raised some kids who have exceeded my expectations of them all. I raised them all going to Church, praising the Lord as loud as we could. We’ve all been triple Vaxed and workout at our home Gym in the Basement. Take in lots of Vitamins, also D-3 due to lac of sufficient Sunshine in the Winter. I follow the Science and I Pay so if you want to make fun of one who believes in God, go right ahead, and may God bless you Nudge.

  10. @”Asking for a friend” and @”Just saying”:
    If family members have died from adverse effects of vaccines. the insurance companies around the western world are already denying payment to their beneficiaries.

    Their reasoning? They are ruling that the deaths were suicidal; the victims having taking the risk, of their own free will, to be injected with an experimental treatment, under emergency use authorization.

    So, you have Big Pharma & Big Insurance laughing all the way to the bank; while ordinary citizens (The Foxes excluded) are mourning!

  11. I don’t believe mandotary vaccination should be implemented. Personally I don’t believe in that vaccination process but I did take the vaccine for the sole purpose of traveling which was mandated. Stlucia s if u do not believe I. The vaccine for religious purposes or you are not traveling and don’t want to take it don’t let anyone force you too. Let your rights and belief be fully respected. Vaccinated or not at one time or another 90 percent of stlucia s have had the virus in which time some of us have decided to treat ourselves At home and not go get tested. Boost your immune system. Drink plenty of water and increase on yr vitamins c and pray. Practice the protocols but don’t jeapaduE your core belief. God is in control not men. Saith the lord if I protect and take care birds who are you that I love so much that I will not take care of you. Trust in god keep the faith and all will be well. Peace and love

  12. Let’s unload the truckload of codswallop from the Fox (Hercules’ 5th labour, anyone?):
    1. “…follow the science”: a meandering trail to nowhere; the Stockholm Syndrome on steroids!

    2. “…because of being stupid of the facts”: that there was early treatment available; but it was denied us because it would prevent Pfizer from amassing US$30billion in profits per year.

    3. “…hospital care for scientific treatment with Vaccinations”: Well, our local scientist, Dr. Fox has just flabbergasted the world scientific & medical community with that huge turd! Hospital care required & treatment with vaccinations, in the same sentence & breath? Give that man the Nobel Prize for impossible medicine! (On par with Obomber getting the Peace Prize!)

    4. “…fully Vaxxed thank God”: The ultimate blasphemy resulting from the need to shield Pfizer from lawsuits till 2097, when the families of the victims of the vaccines’ adverse effects would by then be dead, as well.

  13. Conflicting accusations, and lots of “misinformation”. Maybe the Freedom Coalition should take over, and inform the populace of their own “science”, their own “healthy” protocols to follow”, and their own… “Make antioxidants and other healthcare supplements available …” these are FREE and found in most fruits, vegetables and herbs. I’m still trying to see, and understand their “solutions”; but it is what ALL health affiliates have been preaching for almost two years.

  14. You will agree that there are a percentage who will agree with your summation, but I humbly beg to disagree since I have chosen to follow the science. I have lost a close relative member because of being stupid of the facts, a niece got lucky but at the last moment had to resort to hospital care for scientific treatment with Vaccinations etc. I too am fully Vaxxed thank God; I do not wish to proceed with an argument, but to each, his own. May the good Lord above be your guide.

  15. wow bravo bravo very good mr lawrence. what they are saying is so true the pm and his health minister only wants to take decisions from only one set of people, if you dont at least listen to advice on the other side how do you know that the choice you made is even the correct and far better one

  16. Best Letter Ever. I am very impressed with the person who wrote that letter. I hope the prime minister take heed to the words of the letter. True it’s true I have nothing else to see

  17. Very soon thousands of health officials will be saying: “It was your choice, no one forced you to do it.”

  18. Well said freedom coalition ……. Well said …. Thank you soooo much for coming out with this letter………I hope the P.M listens

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