Friday, September 30, 2022

COVID-19 Frontline Workers Take Advantage Of Government Concessions To Buy Private Vehicles

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 Chief Economist in the Research and Policy Unit in the Department of Finance, Janai Leonce, reports that the uptake by frontline workers to government’s policy intervention regarding the provision of concessions on the purchase of a vehicle has exceeded all expectations.

 The concessions formed part of the initiatives under Saint Lucia’s Economic Recovery and Resilience Plan aimed at stimulating economic activity in the new and used motor vehicle sector while simultaneously showing appreciation to frontline workers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

More in this report from Glen Simon:

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  1. Are you suddenly romanticising the situation? Let’s not forget who these “workers” are. How satisfied was the public with the output of these workers prior? Those very same people who look for every excuse not to do their jobs, and when they do so the results leave a lot to be desired. Let’s cut the BS here. If someone has been mediocre for 29 days in the month and continue to get their full salary, you don’t give them a bonus for the 1 day they actually do what they get paid to do for the other 29. St. Lucia continues to be an idiocracy and will forever be so as long as people like you continue to make excuses for and reward mediocrity.
    I hope all those who actually lost jobs and revenue due to this totally ridiculous lockdown policy remember it was the politicians that did this to them.

  2. @I Pay Taxes too. I said other essential workers not just government workers. Frontline workers are listed as Police Force, Medical Doctors, Nurses and Fire Service Personnel. Did persons like Hospital Porters, Domestic Assistants, Physiotherapists, Health Aids,Radiology technicians not also face potential exposure to persons infected with COVID?What about Laboratory Technologists, pharmacists and Extension Officers who had to go out and meet with farmers in the communities. I am certain the list has not been exhausted but I have limited it to government personnel.

    The policy is a great idea but did not take into consideration other groups of workers who could have been exposed and worked tirelessly who could also benefit from this policy.

  3. One group is always rewarded handsomely yet they say St Lucia is for all. The way I see it St Lucia or any other country belongs to the government. Government does as it pleases. That is how society is designed.

  4. FAIR PLAY you’re a damn liar. No government worker ever worked tirelessly during the pandemic except the medical personnel. All of the rest were at home doing squat.

  5. So the people who were got their salaries uninterrupted get the benefits. Meanwhile the hotel workers who lost their jobs, DJ who had no income, Bar/restaurant owners that had to shut down and get NO REVENUE receive what exactly? Remember who did it to you people. Who destroyed your livelihood.

  6. that is a very good initiative and i think they should extend it to the end of the year at least but i have one question, the chief economist said it was for new and used vehicles but i saw something that says it only pertains to new vehicles and i know customs has that a vehicles less than five years is still considered new so is there a age range still for the used vehicles? and another thing to note is that there are used vehicles from reputable exporters that when you see them before your very eyes they are in very good condition with very very low mileage regardless of its age just like or even better than a new vehicle that just rolled off the lot

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