COVID-19: Hilaire Responds To Criticism Of Festive Season Protocols

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Tourism Minister Dr. Ernest Hilaire has been addressing the matter of COVID-19 protocols for the festive season, criticised in some quarters for being too lax and now contributing to a massive surge in cases of the virus.

This week, the Castries South MP spoke during the HTS programme ‘Out Goes In.’

“I believe we tried to get the right balance. We allowed a certain amount of latitude for Christmas,” Hilaire recalled.

“I think we were saying even before than there would be a spike in January no matter what protocols you had,” the Minister expressed.

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“So you do an assessment of just how much you are going to allow. We could have decided that there would be no confinement, any amount of gatherings and actually for the New Year we kind of pulled back a bit because we saw what happened over Christmas. So then we stopped all mass crowd activities for Old Year’s night and New Year’s day. We only allowed family gatherings. Then again you have to ask yourself, should we deny families gathering for the start of the New Year? The protocols said there could only be up to 35 persons in households,” Hilaire said.

He acknowledged that while some people welcomed it, others were against it and disclosed that as Minister responsible for the Creative Industries promotors who spent money in anticipation of the traditional Old and New Year’s activities bombarded him because they were upset over the measures.

“That’s how they make their money,” Hilaire observed.

“We told them they couldn’t do it, only family gatherings because we tried to strike the balance between denying Saint Lucians any opportunity to celebrate the start of the new year or to allow some space. The right balance was to allow families to gather to celebrate,” he said.

Headline photo: Stock image of Dr. Ernest Hilaire

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  1. A little Yeast works through the whole batch of dough and the acts of the sinful nature are obvious :
    Do not be mislead and let ourselves be burden by a yoke of offenses which brings confusion,to pay for the penalty for those if guilty men.
    I warned You !
    “Love your neigbor as yourself”.
    If we keep on biting and devouring each other, so watch out that we may or destroyed by each other.
    Do not gratify the desires of the sinful nature !
    Let us not become conceited,provoking and envying each other, watch ourselves,so that we may not be tempted as to carry each other’s burdens, rather let the deceiver pay his own penalty if guiltyness is written on his face,as to carry his own load.

    If a man reaps what he sows to please his sinful nature will reap destruction !
    Therefore, let us not judge but rather (Condemn) if proven guilty !

  2. Wakeup Phil, why are you feeding this man’s narcissism? are you that dumb, don’t you know what his ultimate goal is? deputy is too low a title for his grandiose aim, let me enlighten you my friend; while he has that SLP majority, there is no better time, before its too late than now, or soon, he wants to be Knighted:- Sir Ernest Hilaire.!!! period.

  3. Dr Hilaire when are you going to repair the Marigot Road? If you dont start this road by February 1st. 2022 I will surely vall the media to expose you.

  4. Man shut your mouth nothing that make sense comes out of you think when you used that word family it will save ass hole

  5. I hope the government is taking note of the people’s voices whenever this man shows his face or opens his mouth. The people simply do not want him! This man brings out the worst in people and it is because of the way he has shown himself to be a similar version to Chas. His friends and their family alone matter. People were vilified and harassed for this man and you think he has expressed any shred of gratitude to them? His colleague in London was fired because of him, poor girl. The one who bought the vehicle in his name has been sidelined, the other was harassed by Chas and the police right here, but instead he rewards his lawyer fagius. This man does not know the meaning of gratitude ……he has a sense of entitlement and looks down on some and believes that only a few are worthy of good positions whilst others get scraps. It is very difficult to get people to comply when the person asking them too do so is not liked! People do not like you, they support the people you have treated badly and will stand with them so they won’t give you the time of day. Fact! This government, which sadly I voted for has in less than 6 months turned so many against them its unbelievable. I apologize to St. Lucia for voting for this.
    I blame our PM too because if he wasn’t a weak leader all this wouldn’t happen under his watch. I regret! I regret! I regret!

  6. @walter kovacs, strop being an idiot. Its ok to be a hack but not an idiotic hack. You don’t know anybody who has commented here, so how the hell you conclude that anyone commenting here wanted the restrictions relaxed? Which one commenting here that spoke to you about that? Which of the persons commenting here did you see out? You are such an idiot that you don’t even understand that we are commenting on what impacts St. Lucia that you going the other side of the globe to justify your stupidity. Who cares about Australia – we are in St. Lucia. So @walter kovacs, be a hack but at least try to be a sensible hack. If idiots like you the world and in particular, St. Lucia is a worse place.

  7. All these Flambeau hacks that they send to comment on this article. Let me ask… Why Chas spend less that 18% of the covid assistance money to deal with Covid? Where did the rest of that money go?

  8. Most of you didn’t even listen to the interview but y’all talking papishow. The cases are high all over the world. Even countries like Australia who were doing great against covid-19 and had locked down for months now have cases sky rocketing.

  9. Most commenting on here are the same that were asking to be free up. If y’all were so concerned even with the laxed protocols you would have still stayed at your homes. But it’s zess y’all want to zess

  10. Hilaire says “I think we were saying even before than there would be a spike in January no matter what protocols you had,” So imagine a Minister admitting that even with strict protocols they knew that there would be a spike but yet they relax the protocols even more. SMDH. Is he saying that they deliberately allowed for the huge spike? That man is certainly a PHD j@(K@$$.

  11. But why is it always you yapping? You are not the PM and you will never be. SLP stop forcing this man on us. I didn’t vote for that. This man is an arrogant disgusting user. All he wanted was power..

  12. I am reading here in a respected publication The Headlines screams ” Huge Covid Spikes” Frustrated Caribbean Officials blame Indiscipline. It states Government Officials across the regional trading bloc this week expressed dismay at the massive spikes in positive Covid-19 cases with many member States reporting RECORD SINGLE DAY numbers in the aftermath of year end festivities. So we are not alone that ER in protocols , so the PAID OPERATIVE who sits on his balcony and and spew his daily venem against the Doc and The SLP needs to take his medicine for his acted up system phychosis. Clown !!

  13. @We Oin and children are on ventilators or in ICU in these countries. St. Lucia does not have the medical facilities to support a massive outbreak in schools. Which is what will happen if things continue as they are.

  14. I despise this man!!! This man is singlehandedly destroying this administration. Victimization of Alva, Shawn, Christopher hunte, jimmy Fletcher, etc. All whilst giving his brother, Arnold and Fagdius big jobs. Hillaire MUST GO!!!!

  15. Yawwwwn that’s right Doc just throw the yellow pack of dogs a bone and let them bitch over it. Youth you are correct trust me those of us who are looking thru the bubble know what’s happening ……soon their won’t be a word, not a word from them.

  16. Boy hush. People went through alot for you and now you forget them. You are a snake and traitor…….ungrateful user!

  17. Schools are open all over the world. Economies are struggling all over the world but worse in poorer countries. Infection of Covid has increased all over the world. You are not the only one crying!

  18. Some Saint Lucians are too bright. Omicron is spreading rapidly in the entire world no protocol would prevent the numbers from increasing. This is how it works, once this new variant arrives on our shores it will infect a large number of our population and don’t forget Delta is still around.

  19. I cannot believe nothing coming out of this man’s mouth. I’m just not interested in this man opinions. Lies, manipulations, bluffs to get his way. Once somebody cannot admit their wrongs and apologize and it clear to see, I do not want to hear from them. Philip J Pierre is another one. That is why I do not listen to St Lucia tv evening news. Too many vindictiveness is happening and Helaire and Pierre try to justify it when it is clear to hear that is is all lies and making us believe other wise.

  20. @Economist … your comment is scary!! Factual, but scary! The current “pensioner” demographic will suffer, eventually. Scary!!

  21. Lang beff this is a thought I had quite a while back when they claimed covid is taking out the old disproportionately. It immediately took my mind to social security around the world. Most of these funds are either broke or will be broke. This is why we are seeing ever increasing retirement ages. Less time to claim those funds. Pension funds simply cannot pay back contributors. That’s what happens in every Ponzi scheme. Eventually, they run out of new participants to prop up the earlier investors. The easiest way to fix the pension of not being able to pay is to simply eliminate the elderly. This also applies to people who would otherwise burden the healthcare system with their health issues. Wipe them out and problem solved. Sounds nefarious, sure but…. the alternative is the entire house of cards collapses.

  22. And now the health system is paying for the incompetence … make your regulations and stick to it!! Look at the high numbers of confirmed cases now. OKEU can only accept a certain amount of people who are sick from other ailments. Shame on the government ministers who only want to pander to /enable their bases.

  23. Where did that Ass of all Jacks get his PhD? This man sounds as uneducated and clueless as I’ve heard from anyone. I’m beginning to wonder whether he achieved these qualifications at a fish market. The man is a disaster every time he opens his mouth and if Pierre is not careful he will be the downfall of this administration in the short term. Right now many who voted SLP are saying that they could do with another 5 years of Chas and this clown is responsible for their feelings.


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