Wednesday, October 5, 2022

COVID-19: PAHO Director Targets Caribbean People In Special Vaccination Appeal

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The Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Dominica-born Dr. Carissa F. Etienne, made a special appeal on Wednesday to the people of the Caribbean to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

“As a doctor from the Caribbean who has dedicated her life to public health, I want to make a special appeal to the people in the region: The best decision you can make for your health right now is to get a vaccine against COVID. The pandemic is not over, and a new variant can emerge at any point,” Etienne said.

“If you have been vaccinated but you know someone who has not been, please reach out to them, listen to their concerns and share information. Help them find a vaccination site,” the PAHO Director urged during her weekly media briefing.

“So far, we’ve been able to reach 63% of the eligible populations with lifesaving COVID vaccines, thanks to the tireless efforts of governments, healthcare workers and communities,” Etienne disclosed.

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Nevertheless, the PAHO Director said it is a picture with many contrasts.

She revealed that while 91% of people in the Cayman Islands have received full vaccination, less than 1% of Haitians have received all their doses.

And out of 13 countries and territories in the Americas that have not yet reached the World Health Organization’s goal of 40% coverage, ten are in the Caribbean.

Etienne declared that because of this, today, the Caribbean remains especially vulnerable to COVID.

However, she believes the Caribbean can do much to reach people who have not yet received vaccination against the virus.

“We have the tools to turn the tide on vaccinations in the Caribbean,” Etienne told the news briefing.

In this regard, she highlighted the need to tailor interventions to the needs of those who remain vulnerable in each country and make it easier for people to get a vaccine closer to home.

“We must also create spaces for open dialogue to address our communities’ concerns,” the PAHO Director observed.

In one PAHO and UNICEF survey that USAID supported, she recalled that 51% of vaccine-hesitant people in the Eastern Caribbean were open to changing their minds after seeing more scientific and medical information.

“This means working with trusted voices and community leaders to reach people where they are with the right information. Dialogue, trust, and outreach are the tools that we must use to get more vaccines into arms and ultimately to save lives,” Etienne stated.

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  1. fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me don’t forget history you can get our people unfortunately to do anything to each other in an attempt to please their pay master, only thinking about themselves and not the great good of our people

  2. Ha ha I’m just not gonna take it, sorry, I just don’t wanna. No need to travel and with ww3 covid will be forgotten. Nice try tho. You can go ahead and take it, but I just won’t be bothered. Sorry. I really am. Hope you feel better soon about me not taking it.

  3. Etienne how about you take all the shots and stick them in your behind. These poison darts don’t even work on old variants and you’re asking people to take them for un-discovered variants? Day by day more people are waking up to y’all disgusting agenda. Hope you can find a place to hide. Remember the Tuskegee Experiments were conducted by the……CDC

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