COVID-19: Pediatric Pfizer Will Be Available At Saint Lucia Wellness Centres

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As of Monday, August 15, 2022, the Pediatric Pfizer will be available at all Wellness Centres for children aged 5 to 11.

On Thursday, National Immunisation Manager Tecla Jn Baptiste encouraged parents or guardians to visit or make an appointment at the Wellness Centres to have their children vaccinated.

Jn Baptiste disclosed that over the last two weeks, Saint Lucia received 7800 doses of Pediatric Pfizer – 3000 from the government of Spain as a generous donation; and an additional 4800 through the COVAX facility.

“These vaccines will further complement the existing COVID-19 vaccines available to the people of St. Lucia,” Jn Baptiste stated.

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The National Immunisation Manager explained that young children are extremely vulnerable and can manifest severe lung infections, become very sick and require hospitalisation if infected with the COVID-19 virus.

“This is especially important to remember in light of variants, which can be very contagious. Like adults, children can also transmit COVID-19 to others if they’re infected, even when they have no symptoms,” Jn Baptiste said.

In this regard, she noted that getting the COVID-19 vaccine can protect the child and others, reducing the chances of transmitting the
virus to others.

The National Immunisation Manager’s complete statement appears below:

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  1. this leave me to question that if there is now a Pediatric vaccine for covid then what effect did the normal vaccine had for female adults who were pregnant with child. does that mean then pregnant people should not have been taking it?

  2. ppl fully vaccinated can still get and spread the virus ; so whats the value of vaccinating our young ones. Do we want to breed more criminals in St. Lucia, we cannot afford to affect our children in such a way. I feel sorry for our nation. Tecla your face looks like you are laughing at us in a pathetic way. you think we stupid, vaccinate yourself and your children. Get lost you wickedwoman with such nonesense to say.

  3. I’m so very lost as to why our government would even consider this dangerous gene poison be administered in our children. Are we not following science or the data? Because it all points to out children being safe and protected with their robust immune systems. But now you want to wipe away their anti bodies and have them dependant on your drug.. what a shame, the government has changed but the SYSTEM remains the same.

    • Ask our Ministry of Health if there is any data on adverse reactions for St. Lucians who volunteered/coerced in this clinical trial.

  4. In essence, should science and caution die? I don’t get it. There’s no perfection in any aspect of life – we have have to do what’s necessary and important in order to dampen the impact of what we’re faced with to survive. Some people mentality is; believe nothing, chance everything and see how it goes. That’s not how it works is an evolved and experienced World. A little bit of common-sense and reasoning goes a long way.

    • “A little bit of common-sense and reasoning goes a long way”

      Interesting statement coming from someone who has neither.

  5. Some of the SLP and their peasants were saying Chastanet was getting vaccines for free and wasn’t buying while other neighboring islands were buying. I have not seen this new government purchase any vaccines. They only depend on donations from countries and Covax. Alot still remains the same. Only the government changed but everything else still operates the same.
    Keep your vaccines Jn Baptiste x2

  6. Tecla JnBaptiste you j****ss. There is no data to suggest these gene therapy shots do anything to remotely reduce transmission of covid. There is no benefit to this while there exist many known and unknown risks including dropping dead. Even the branch covidians who lined up to sacrifice themselves on the altar of pfizer at the behest of their supreme lord fauci aren’t giving this to their kids. Yet you pushing this white man poison on your fellow negroes. You’re a disgrace.


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