Wednesday, August 17, 2022

COVID-19: Pierre Lauds Citizens For Following Protocols, Warns Crisis Not Over

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has commended Saint Lucians for following the protocols while hoping that the COVID-19 situation improves or remains stable.

But he observed that Saint Lucia is still in a COVID crisis and people have to be on guard.

“If you notice we’ve been doing pretty well as far as COVID is concerned but that is no cause for shouting success. We are not going to be spouting success. What we’re saying is the situation regarding the COVID is good for now. I want to commend the people of Saint Lucia,” the Prime Minister told reporters.

Pierre recalled that when his administration adopted making people responsible for their actions, people criticized the move.

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However, the Castries East MP observed that the COVID-19 positivity rate is below five percent and has been so for the last week because the people of this country understand that they have to follow the protocols.

While the PM noted that some individuals are not doing what is required, he said the numbers demonstrate that the majority are.

“We are not going to boast. What we are going to say is that for now the results are very good,” Pierre declared.

He commended Health Minister Moses Jn Baptiste, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sharon Belmar-George, her staff, health officials, and the Chairman of the COVID-19 Management Centre (CMC), Cletus Springer.

“But the season is coming. Many Saint Lucians want to come home for Christmas. We invite them but we tell them ‘Please, our health care services cannot, we cannot, we hope and we cannot have a fifth wave. We hope there’s not a fifth wave’,” Pierre stated.


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  1. Philip J Pierre just enjoy your 5 years and be quiet. The people did nothing, vaccines did nothing okay the bio weapon did what it had to and now it’s moving to the next level. What’s the next level? Ask the media because they are the real virus.

    Pierre you’re a sheep dog who is leading the masses to their slaughter. I don’t fear any covid or any variant so stop with this 5th wave fear porn.

  2. You better start shitting the relief funds from now… you and your cabals are the ones always at fetes but like to blame the little man. Heard you’ve been to a few. I hope this old years you stay home like the little man. Stop blaming us… blame your cabals

  3. Shame on you pm I think you really need to start preparing for the next wave of this new covid coming and stop talking like everything is ok .we need to start preparing for what is coming.

  4. So Pierre, you can talk about masks and protocols but you say nothing about the workers that employers firing for not taking the vaccine. Shame on you

  5. Something that has never begun can never be over!
    The fraud will never end until the people decide they have had enough.
    You cannot comply your way out of tyranny!

  6. Lol y’all like that word eh “Lauds” lol seems y’all learn a new word an plan on wearing it out.

  7. Pierre do not gloat. The rising cases took much longer leaving it up to the people. Also, many people got infected and have antibodies plus many more vaccinated hence the reason for the decline in infections.. So to say that it was because it was left to the people our cases is so low is nothing to be happy about. If you had put stringent measures in place our cases would have dropped sooner and business activities would have started sooner. It took 3montjs & 1/2 for our cases to decline. Whereas it could have happen sooner. You didn’t handle this wave well at all.

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