COVID-19: Pierre Says ‘Forced’ Vaccination ‘Not Right’

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has reiterated that there will be no ‘forced’ COVID-19 vaccinations in Saint Lucia, telling reporters this week that he believes mandatory vaccination is ‘not right’.

Pierre spoke amidst concerns over a surge in COVID-19 cases and fears that mass crowd events, including plans for a Carnival featuring vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, would cause further increases.

“We have to follow the protocols,” the Prime Minister declared Monday on the sidelines of a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

“Vaccinate and follow the protocols. I can’t force people to vaccinate. It’s simple. Vaccinations are available. People just have to be mature – follow the science which you all laughed at some time ago – vaccinate and follow the protocols. Very simple. You want the government to force people to vaccinate? We will not do that,” the Castries East MP declared.

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“We don’t think it’s right,” the PM explained.

“The answer for COVID is very simple and very straightforward – vaccinate and follow the protocols,” he stated.

“Adults have choices. The answer is adults must understand that the COVID is an illness that most of the scientific world has decided how it can be controlled – vaccinate follow the protocols,” Pierre told reporters.

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  1. Over 20 years, or so, ago … it was MANDATORY to have certain vaccinations in order to travel within the Caribbean and beyond. Vaccinations against yellow fever, polio, and such (I still have my MANDATORY Health Card showing my vaccination records BEFORE I could buy a ticket to travel); to me it is the very same protocol we had that many years ago. Today still, to enter some countries, certain vaccines against some diseases/viruses are still mandatory … what am I missing?

    • The repercussions to follow when refusing the jab… AT THE TIME… was and IS criminal… People lost their jobs… People were ostracized… Discriminated….your civility was in question… Human rights were thrown out the door… For BEING a skeptic or a voice of concern… It was and still is… Just shut up and take the vaccine..
      Thats what youre missing.

    • Those vaccines worked in stopping dangerous diseases. These now don’t do squat against a mostly non deadly disease. Mandating a flu vaccine? Apparently you’re missing good sense and a brain.

      • My “good sense and a brain” has worked in my favour for over 60 years – and I’m still alive – and in good health!! You must be in your 30’s without a rudder or an oar!

  2. PJP you keep doing the same things and expect different results. If you want change you enforce the necessary laws or else shut up with your protocols–simple. Stop repeating yourself like a broken record. It is already 2 years we keep hearing these same lines of vaccinate, social distance wear masks etc. People are doing as they please because the right was given to them.

  3. In my opinion there is an absolute need for another Nursing School in St.Lucia. The reported unhealthy environment at the Nursing Department at SALCC is certainly a catalyst fueling the aggressive migration of our nurses.

  4. It is alleged that the administrator of the Nursing Department at SALCC not student and staff oriented. Over the past few years there have been a very very high staff turnover. Also, the majority of the students at the Department of Nursing are very disgusted over the management and the forced covid vaccination.

  5. As reported many student nurses and health aides at SALCC have dropped out due to mandatory covid vaccine supported only by the nursing department. I therefore politely ask the relevant authorities to investigate that concerning issues. We need our health care providers. Thanks.

  6. It seems to me that the sensible people that have been vaccinated are the very people being forced to adhere to protocols to protect the irresponsible unvaccinated.
    OPEN UP and return to normal and let the unvaccinated take their chances as many other countries have done.

    • You and the lot of the vaccinated are the only ones clambering for absolutely nothing… Go get your forth dose like a good sheep… Stop blaming the people with common sense to dissect nonsense from reality… The media has have yourll by the balls 2 years on going… And yourll can’t get a grip of the situation.

      I am not denying its existence… I had my share… And im still unvaccinated… Its also unfortunate that the ones of weaker health had to perish but we can’t do anything about it… But Move On….the thing isnt branded on anyones head…

      Go live your life and stop allowing a group to direct your livelihood… If you wish stay home and work from home… Have your vaccinated compadres come visit you at home… But dont blame those who didnt take the jab…. It is documented the vaccine and masks are completely useless… Reputable studies… From reputable sources…. Ill gladly share them upon request.

      Stop trying to divide the island for your own paranoia and gullibility

  7. So what i am hearing is… All those dismissed employees can sue?

    Or maybe worse. Given what they had to endure mentally if they DIDNT take the vaccine.

    Heads will roll.

    • They should. Trying to force people into a medical trial. Head LITERALLY need to roll. Looking forward to the hangings.

  8. Doesn’t even know why people were laughing when he said follow the science. We laughed because you couldn’t explain what the science was and that the science had not changed since the previous Government. Now…tell me what protocols are you referring to Sir. How does one social distance in the carnival you have approved. Stop letting nonsense come from your mouth.

  9. First sensible thing I’ve heard this clown say. At some point most of the world thought the earth was flat. At some point most of the world thought the earth was the centre of the universe. At some point most of the world thought the black plague was carried by bad air. And then science… The same science that shows masks as currently recommended do absolutely zero to protect from covid. The same science that showed a same from an orange (fruit) testing positive for covid using the PCR test. The same science that is showing these shots are not only ineffective but outright dangerous. The same science that shows vaccinate passports make no sense. Yet here we are. Come better dude.


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