COVID-19: Police Report Multiple Breaches, Express Concern Over House Parties

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The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) issued tickets, gave warnings, and arrested one individual in connection with multiple breaches of COVID-19 regulations for the week of October 11 to 15, 2021. The breaches included non-wearing of masks, curfew violations, and house party infractions.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Dr. Mashama Sealy, who provided the update, told reporters that officers issued a ticket to a bar owner for breaching the operating rules during the period.

She also cited 68 instances of non-wearing of masks for which officers gave tickets to two people and issued warnings to 66 others.

At the same time, before the Statutory Instrument (SI) changed, police recorded nine curfew breaches and issued nine tickets, she stated.

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Sealy, responsible for Territorial Policing, disclosed that police recorded 25 confinement breaches for which they issued four tickets and gave 21 warnings.

“Mass crowd breaches – there were two and two tickets were given. Home party breaches, three – one individual was arrested, one was given a ticket, and the other was warned,” the senior police officer revealed.

Sealy explained that because confinement violations represent ‘a recent breach,’ the number of warnings was high.

“We are giving persons an opportunity to exercise their civic duty towards one another to keep each other safe and to understand that we are still not out of the woods yet with regard to COVID, and so we are required to stay home to avoid all these activities which would encourage the spread, and we know that the Delta spreads very quickly,” she noted.

And regarding parties, Sealy called attention to the legislation. It says that an individual may not host or attend a mass crowd or social event except with ten or fewer people of their immediate family or household.

“Yet still you will find an activity with 60, one hundred or more individuals gathering, and this is not a safe practice. These are the things that worry us,” Sealy said.

According to her, in interacting with individuals, officers can contract COVID-19.

“So it’s a matter of us taking care of one another and keeping safe. It’s only for a short period, and if we can control or keep the numbers under control, then the restrictions can be relaxed or eased bit by bit. But it is up to us – we are the only ones who can do so as a people, as a community,” she explained.

Headline photo: Stock image of police traffic check

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