COVID-19 Pre-Screening Tent Being Set Up At Hewanorra International Airport

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet  on Saturday paid a visit to a COVID-19 pre-screening tent that’s being set up at Hewanorra International Airport.

“We are leaving no stone unturned in our quest to balance health security and economic activity,” he observed in a post on his official Facebook page.

Chastanet explained that the objective for adding the pre-screening tent is to assist airport, security and health officials with improving the management and enforcement of the new protocols for visitor arrivals coming into the country.

According to the PM, the visit to the COVID-19 pre-screening facility occurred whilst carrying out his usual weekend project site visits where he receives progress updates.

Chastanet disclosed that he checked out several ongoing projects happening in the South of the Island.



  1. PM Chastanet you are making St.Lucia great coming from the worst economic disaster that our country has experienced. Keep your government’s vision for the country going strong.Peace

  2. I cannot wait when all the tourists refuse to show up. placing people under a tent is a sure way for corona to spread . without proper ventilation and the air trapped under the tent , they will wait in line close to someone who might be infected and get COVID. The man ever see any country doing that? This man will be the undoing of st lucia with his hare brained ideas that have no sound scientific basis. We have only been lucky to escape carnage not because people not infected but many people instead of showing up at clinics, just do their herbal teas at their home. this is the real reason why it does not look bad. people here are just surviving due to their plant medicine. not chastanet and his stupidity.

    • You are such an angry hater… why u HATE America… and in one of your former comments you stated that you have American citizenship an you have family in the US… WTH

      • ..they can take it back if they want I am back at my home….the children are grown I did a good job with them if they ant to come and check their old man fine if not I will see them in the next life.

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